iPad Doesn’t Show Up in iTunes

A few users have reported an issue in which the iPad does not show up under the “My Devices” list in iTunes 9.1.

If you are experiencing this issue, try switching the iPad to a different USB report or turning the iPad off then back on again.

Also, try leaving your iPad connected to your Mac or PC, then restarting the Mac or PC while the iPad is still connected.

Failing the aforementioned, the issue can be resolved via a simple two-step process:

  1. Uninstall iTunes per Apple’s instructions (look under “Completely Remove iTunes from Mac OS X”)
  2. Reinstall iTunes (download here)


  1. says

    I did all the sugestions but every time I spend a little time off I have to do all the steps over and over again. Is there any idea to really solve the problem for once and all.



  2. says

    prado’s right – reinstalling only works temporarily – you
    can see ipad/iphone one day and lose them again the next. Very

  3. says

    I had my iPad show up in windows but not iTunes. The fix was to go to device manager and find iPad under Universal serial bus controller. Right click for properties then click the Driver tab. Click driver details and note the folder. Click update driver and select” no not at this time.”
    Click.” Install from a list” Check ”
    Check Next
    Check search fo the best driver in these locations.
    Check include this location and point to the
    folder you just noted.

    Apple has several drivers and the wrong one was installed for my computer.

  4. says

    Bob – that’s great for Windows users, but this is happening on my new MacBookPro. All was well on the old laptop, on the new one, can’t get iTunes to recognize the iPad. Had the same trouble with the iPhone.

    Migration Assistant didn’t handle this well for me :(

  5. ian Dibley says

    Thanks Bob

    Your Words of Wisdom helped me solve my current problem:

    I recently updated iTunes to V10.6.3 and found I could not connect my ipod and ipad.

    Solution thanks to Bob’s kind words.

    After noticing windows was installing digital imaging drivers for/when connecting apple devices… Not sure now, as windows recently updated so that could have caused the problem.

    Device manager – remove iPod from imaging devices.
    Scan from new hardware changes.
    Install from specific location.
    “Dont search” as this will just install the incorrect driver window’s wants to install.
    Now you should see the “Apple Mobile USB Controller” this is the driver needed by iTunes to talk to the apple devices…

    Wola… Problem solved… Not sure how that may help all you full apple converts. though that’s for a different forum… :)

  6. Marck says

    Hi guys I had the same problem, not only with my ipad, but also with my iphone and my ipod touch,after trying different methods here is one that works for me. Go to “control panel” find “uninstall or change a program” you have uninstall “apple mobile device support” after you’ve done that you also have to uninstall “iTunes” and after you’re done. go online download and install a fresh copy of iTunes. I didn’t even have to restart my computer. I hope it works for you all thanks.

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