iOS 4.0 Update Stuck on Backup; Extremely Slow

Several users have reported an issue in which the  iPhone and iPod touch become indefinitely stuck on the backup phase of the iOS 4.0 Update. Other users report that the backup process is inordinately slow after the update, taking up to 3 hours in some cases.


Disable network connection. In some cases, simply disabling your network connection (turning off AirPort or unplugging your Ethernet cable) will resolve the slow or stuck backup phase. It appears that iTunes performs some data network data transfer during the backup process which can, for unknown reasons, take an extremely long time or become stalled.

Restore instead of update. Backup your iPhone or iPod touch, then perform a restore process instead of using the check for update function. This may allow the iPhone or iPod touch to successfully receive the iOS 4.0 update, after which sync processes should occur at normal speed.

Switch USB ports. Try switching your iPhone or iPod touch to a different USB port. In particular, if you are using a hub or other intermediary device, try connecting the device directly to your computer.



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    Shut down and/or disconnect all non-essential USB peripherals.

    Had an iPod touch stalling in the backup stage of the update and Activity Monitor showed that the TWAIN Bridge process (used by the scanner) was maxing out the memory, throttling the AppleMobileBackup process I guess.

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    Disconnecting the internet connection was definitely the key for my update issues. The backup for my iphone 3GS was hung at about 5% for 45 minutes or more. Once I unplugged the network cable the green bar started to move quickly and steadily. From that point it was done backing up in about five minutes.

    Just to be safe I plugged the cable back in at about 95% in case it tried to access the net after backup.

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    So far it it seems to be backing up my phone a lot faster than before. I switched usb slots, unplugged internet connection and deleted previous backups. i will cross my fingers.

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    FAIL! There is no chance disconnecting from the Internet will solve this. iTunes needs a network connection to update.

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    Updating my iPhone 3G to iOS 4 was also getting stalled at the 5% mark of backup. It sat there for over 4 hours without budging. This was when using the Update button from iTunes.

    The tip I found worked was the “Restore instead of update” trick above. First, cancel the update, then
    1. Do a regular sync. This creates a full backup and it does get through it in a reasonable amount of time. (for me, that’s about 20 minutes)
    2. Then instead of clicking the Update button click the Restore button. It will wipe the phone clean, install the new iOS 4, and restore everything as it was.

    Well, at least it worked for me!

    – Philip

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    The restore option solves any backup hanging. Installed OS4 on my 3G in a matter of minutes.

    Had previously been stalling for 10 hours before I decided to stop it.

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    For me the regular backup is taking hours as well. Have no idea why. Unpluggning the network has no effect. I have unsynched all music/audiobooks and removed all my pictures. I don’t have many notes and there is just a few SMS. The only data I have that is a little bit large is Cyclometer tracks.

    I have also turned off so no crasch reports are sent to Apple and I do not encrypt the backup.

    As the regular backup takes as long as the one in the Update I can’t solve it by doing a restore instead.

    Backing up 2,6 GB data should not take over 4 hours.

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    I have this issue with my 3G 16Gb. I have tried disabling the network card and also the ‘restore’. The restore didn’t bring my phone to OS4 even though I’ve downloaded it and tried to install it…

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    try right clicking on the iphone in devices then a content menu will pop up. Finally click on reset warnings. after click update and it should backup your iphone 3g then install os 4. so far it worked for me after trying a bunch of useless tactics for two days. goodluck people.

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    I tried restore yesterday after about an hour of no progress on the backup. Zero luck with that. I have a mac and I’m not whether sure some of these recommended remedies are for pc or mac, any suggestions?

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    I had the same issue. My 3G sat on 5% for over two hours… BUT, it finally came around the updated. After the 2 hour wait on 5% it updated in less than 10 minutes after it starts moving again. All I can suggest is PATIENCE.

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    Thanks Philip. The restore option worked, only problem was I lost my music and apps. Not a big deal to retrieve those though!

    Thanks again

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    Thanks for the tips – Disconnect the network and reconnected work GREAT. My iPhone3G was stuck for an hour until I found your solution – it is like 3 sec and it is done the backup!

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    Restore worked great. OS 4.0 is now on my 3g and working fine. One thing I did was sync my phone without music, videos, and photos before backing up. It saved a tremendous amount of time on the front end but took a while to reinstall everything when sync was done with 4.0.

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    In my case it turned out that the culprit was Wi-Fi Sync. I had installed that program to sync my iPad via Wi-Fi. Once I removed it the upgrade and re-install of my iPhone went smoothly.

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    Iphone 3G starts to sync (after having problems with backing up 4.0)…then goes to black and tries all over again. For hours.

    What do I do????

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    I have 3G also and same issue where stuck on 5%! Found that Philip’s tip above – the “Restore instead of update” trick worked quite quickly. You would think Apple would have been onto this by now!

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    Disabling the network allowed the backup to complete (prior to trying that I had left it for 5 hours with no progress). But as others state here it won’t allow you to complete the update if the network is not connected as it needs to communicate with apple update servers. I just re-connected and tried the update again without backing up this time and it worked like a charm. Thanks for the help!

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    I tried just backing up first and it took hours to finish. Then I immediately tried to update. There was no option to skip the backup so I’m waiting hours again for it to go through this process. If it’s still backing up when I get home I’ll try disconnecting the network. This is ridiculous! So why is Apple supposed to be so great?

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    I tried the disconnect from the network option and it worked great. Maybe the key is in the timing. I asked for the update and then once it started the backup I immediately disabled my wireless. When it was 95% finished (in like 2 minutes) with the backup I enabled wireless again and it is sailing through the rest of the update process. Thank goodness for these posts! I was pulling my hair out :-)

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    Oh no. Spoke too soon. The update finished but when it was restoring it said there was an error in restoring and just quit. So now I’ve lost all my apps and contacts and pictures! Surely there is a way to get them back?

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    Should remember to do a File -> Transfer Purchases from ” first. That way, you will still have all your apps after you use the “Restore” option to upgrade to 4.0.

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    The update locked up at %5 percent for me as well. I tried the network disconnect trick but that did nothing. I just finished the restore method mentioned above and it worked great for me. When I clicked on the Restore button instead of the Update button, I was prompted to do a Restore and Update. Now I’m just resyncing all my apps. Thanks for the suggestion!!!

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    Unbelievably slow!

    Why isn’t this situation shouted to the press from the rooftops? (It would if it was a Microsoft product.)

    The code must have been written in Apple II basic! Get mad, people!

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    I tried everything: switching USB, removing Ethernet cable, resetting warnings, etc… nothing worked except Restoring.

    Of course that means that none of the Apps were restored and I’ve had to spend the last 1+ resetting everything, but at least iOS 4.0 updated in the process…

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    same here, 5%, been updating for 3 hours now, attempted it yesterday and it failed, my phone would not turn off and i had to wait for the phone to die, it got stuck on 5% yesterday and is stuck on the same place again today,

    Apple invited me to update my iphone, ive now been without a phone for nearly 24 hours, im waiting on important calls, my phone is just stuck at 5% all the time, its crazy. nothing has worked at all.

    Why is this taking so long? i really loved my iphone until an apple update broke it, has anyone had any success with the update that has commented so far?

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    Restore and update definitely worked the best for me. Before, my iPhone 3G had been forever stuck at about 2% when backing up, but this worked out great! :)

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    Oh and also, you don’t turn AirPort off before you start the backup, you turn it off AFTER it has contacted the update server!!!

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    My update was super slow during the backup step. I found that any interruption caused by txts, phone calls, or otherwise would slow everything down even more. I put my iphone in airplane mode and it completed the update in less than an hour. Try it!

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    Had the hang problem. Then I tried doing a manual backup, then Restore. Worked like a charm, took about 45 minutes total start to finish on my iPhone 3G.

    Just don’t forget to do that manual backup first!

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    Yes, Restore wipes your phone, then loads the new software. However, then you get the option to either “set up as a new iPhone” (you DON’T want to do that!) or “Restore from backup” — that’s the one you want. When you click Restore from Backup, and select your latest backup from the pulldown list, then hit Continue, and it will do a restore, followed by a sync, which reloads all your apps, data, music, etc. Everything comes out fine!

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    Same thing w/ iPod touch v. 3. Backup taking forever, not sure about this firmware update. The first time I tried to run it, I left the room to do something else. When I had returned, the computer had gone into sleep mode. When I woke it up, I had the message, “Backup cancelled.” Subsequently I had the same problems with the backup stage of the process several times. Disconnecting the ethernet cable didn’t work, and the computer I’m using has only one USB port.

    Maybe I’ll wait until Apple fixes it. Or should I not hold my breath for that? The tech media really should be making some noise about this. Super not impressed.

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    Get it together, Apple. I would be a card-carrying Jobs Fanboy RIGHT NOW if it weren’t for their incompetence in dealing with issues like this.

    If you are a company like Apple, and you make a piece of software (iTunes) your GOD PRODUCT, the product that ALL of your other products must bow down to and look to for all updates and knowledge, you need to at least get the basics right.

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    With products as ubiquitous as iPhone and iTunes, fiddling with USB and ethernet cables and guessing at different sequences of actions to “trick” the upgrade into working is simply unacceptable. It’s 2010, for Pete’s sake.

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    “there has to be a morning aaaafterrrrr…”

    ok, here’s what i did, very late at night, after reading and pondering all of the above talk.

    1. changed settings on windows 7 machine to ‘never’ suspend, ‘never’ allow monitor to go into sleep mode. turned off norton for good measure. (hm. better turn that back on.)
    2. backed up ipod touch v3. this took a very long time ’cause i have the 30gb, w/ like, 7mb free.
    3. in itunes, clicked ‘update’ and clicked all of the ‘proceed’ stuff.
    4. turned monitor off. went to bed. slept for a very long time.

    this morning, i remembered that i’d been updating my ipod and went to check on it. windows had logged me off as a user, but i logged back in and found that the update had finished. it just needed to sync again — perhaps because a podcast i’m subscribed to had added an installment, and an app needed updating. that sync took a bit, but nowhere near as long as what i was experiencing last night.

    so. perhaps the server at apple was super busy; perhaps it was taking forever because i have the 30gb touch. but it *did* work, even though at first it did look as if the ‘backup’ that’s built into the update job was going to hang at 5% forever again. so now my criticisms of apple and its developers are: 1. INFORMATION. there will always be jerks out here, but in general if the is told what to expect, and then that’s what happens, s/he will be cool with it. in fact, s/he might even think you’re great for making the thing so predictable. 2. FEEDBACK, people. yeah, it’s a lot of extra programming. but see #1. so: fail.

    and 3. what *is* the deal with the so-called ‘wallpaper’ that one has only *ever* seen after one wakes up the display but which disappears when one awakens the device?

    i know this is a user forum, and that apple’s probably never going to see it. just puttin’ it ‘out there’.

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    My Iphone had no problems and did it in 30 minutes but my Ipod has been on for 2 hrs and still at 5% I turned off the network and it jumped to 40% in 10 minutes. Still going…..

  37. says

    I am having the same problem and am trying to update to 4.0…I hit the update button and the backingup “ïphone”has been stuck for about two hours now…there is no progress…..I am going to go to bed and see by morning if the phone is fixed…..

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    I had my phone plugged in and on iTunes for ***24*** hours waiting on a backup. It had not finished even though I changed the monitor settings, sleep settings, etc. 24 hours to get through one backup is ridiculous. I love everything about my iPhone, but this is absolutely insane. I still do not have the update, but I am going to try some of the above solutions and see if any of that works after this additional 45+minute backup. ::exasperated::

  39. says

    O.M.G. Seriously Apple?!?! This is ridiculous! I’ve been trying to no avail to download 4.0 on my Iphone for TWO freakin’ days. Thank you for wasting two days of my life. You’d think y’all would notify users on what to do BEFORE they sit and wait & wait & wait on the stupid thing to backup.

    I tried unplugging the internet.. Didn’t work.
    I tried switching USB ports.. Didn’t work.

    I synced my apps, music, books, etc so that I could reinstall them after I had to RESTORE my phone… since it was my only option if I wanted to update the software.

    Can you please get it together Apple before the next update comes? Would be much appreciated it.

  40. says

    Tried to update to 4.0 THREE times, install took almost 2 hrs but would get stuck on back up. I found this site and followed the advice, cancelled update, backed up and then restored. It worked. Ridiculous considering this is supposed to be “cutting edge” software.

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    Ha, my iTunes won’t even cancel the backup… wtf?! Cannot believe Apple – would a load of rubbish. Extremely annoyed, especially since I’ve been trying to update all day…

  42. says

    Tried backup on my Iphone 3G and the backup canceled by itself, been trying for days still no luck. Apple make so much money you would think they would make this easier!

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    OK, so after 4 attempts at getting my wife’s 3G iphone to update to OS4 I stumble across this site. Forget upgrading and do as suggested in this thread…RESTORE your phone and all goes smoothly.

    Or, you can do like I did and just get a phone with Android OS. A new OS comes out and BOOM it shows up on my phone without me doing anything (except having to accept the update) [just had to throw this in there]

  44. says

    How ridiculous is this i have been trying to do this for about 10 hours altogether over 2 seperate days! im now tryin the restore method but my manual backup is taking forever. im sooooo fed up. im so disappointed with apple :(

  45. says

    I have been trying to do a backup on my 3GS running iOS 4 and iTunes 9.2 on a very stable Vista OS machine. After a week of working with Apple Tech Support, no one can figure out the reason. Almost everything has been eliminated as a possible issue. My ipod Touch backs up fine on iTunes 9.2, but it’s not running the new iOS 4.
    I can’t believe the lack of technical support in Apple with so many users having the same problem! No one seems to have a clue where to look. And I thought Microsoft had its problems…
    BTW, disconnecting the network cable did not work (and why should you have to!)

  46. says

    okay when i tried to update my ipod it got stuck on “restoring your ipods software” i will unplug it and try again and it keeps getting stuck in the same place
    i even unplugged my network and tryed restore instead and the same thing keeps happening and im worried because now my ipod is stuck on restore and if i can’t fix it then thats it!

  47. says

    Currently trying the backup and restore process. I have the iphone 3g and its backed up in five minutes and has just finished restoring itself. hoping this will work after waiting three hours with no progress using the update button. . .

  48. says

    I’ve had it sticking at the same point several times now. ebooted, DFU mode all useless. Having read above tried all but still stuck. Then I launched DiskAid iphone file browser (I don’t use SSH anymore) to see if I could recover a db file and bingo – it kick started the restore and is now up and running on iOS4.

    Any prog you might have that tries to access the iphone might work.

  49. says

    Just to add something that might help someone. My 3G phone was on 3.1.3, new bootrom and spirit JB. After endless googling I was not entirely sure if the spiritjb, iTunes 9.2 and new bootrom problem that 3G(s) owners was the same for the 3G? So, having now successfully got iOS4 installed and jb’d using the latest Pwnage 4.01, I can confirm that it’s not affected apart from the hang in restore as already reported.

  50. says

    Tried everything, manual backup, restore, unplug internet, switching USB port, leave the computer on overnight; nothing worked to get the OS4 on my iphone 3G….I’m so furious, how apple could release a crap like this. Hope they’ll fix it soon…

  51. says

    i tried the restore and update which was also extremely slow (because you were still forced to backup) so i unplugged the internet and it sped it up a little. it still took about 2 hours but the restore is now in progress with the 4.0 iOS update so i hope it works out!

  52. says

    I had the same issues with iTunes update button. I had to resync and restore.

    One little panic though – After it wiped my phone and the phone restarted – it was completely blank and deactivated! iTunes came up with an “unknown error” :( The only thing my phone would do is 911 calls and restarting the phone and or iTunes did nothing. I had to shut down my phone and my computer and bring them both back up and then iTunes recognized it finally and I started the restore.

  53. says

    Hey guys! This worked for me (iPhone 4):

    Sometimes we tend to forget about the power button on our iPhone; it happens. When your phone has been awake (on) for a while, it doesn’t always like to cooperate (like us). Let it sleep for 15 seconds (turn it off). When you wake it back up (turn it on) it should cooperate with itunes :)

  54. says

    Hallelujah! Diego above on June 25th is a mensch! He knows what he is talking about. I tried his idea of going to Settings on my iphone (original iphone) and putting it in Airplane Mode (ON) and then it took less than an hour (with fiber optic internet connection). I could see steady progress the whole way. Glad I tried the simpler solution first before messing around with Restore.

  55. says

    I have the same problem updating to 4.0 as regards the slow backup. I hada look at the system activity whilst this was in progress and as already known this is a proble with the bacup program not the update process. I have run the backup on its own and get the same problem. Diagnostics show a massive amounts of “hard faults” when the AppleMobileBack.exe process is running. This is probably down to bad application development on the part of apple! They are not keen on Microsoft you know :)

  56. says

    Thank GOD for forums like this!! I did the restore suggestion instead of update…..I’d been trying to update for days, and this finally worked for me!! Thank you so much to those of you who know more about this stuff than I do!!!! Lol =D

  57. says

    Rebecca, I had the same issue once last year. If your using a PC, you may have to go to the Apple store to get it rebooted. Try to do a reboot holding the power key and then redock.

    Don’t be too afraid it is not broken just may be major incomveinance to get it working.

  58. says

    Thanks Bob – 06/25/10 at 11:00 am comment. Tried 3x to load new OS. Like others, got hung up on the backup. It went nowhere
    1) Added purchases from Iphone to ITunes
    2) Manually backed up Iphone
    3) Clicked on restore. It wiped everything. It loaded the 4.0 OS
    4) As noted above, it asked if make a new phone or restore back up. Chose back up. Took a while, hour or so.
    5) It’s done. Finally. But missing songs and apps

  59. says

    Thanks to all you guys above,
    the restore option worked a treat, just do the normal sync first, when that has finished click restore but dont back up when asked. This wipes the phone and re-installs o.s4, don’t worry the photo’s etc are still there but i did need to sync again to restore all the apps. This was on my 3GS iphone.(UK)
    Hope this post helps someone else.

  60. waynet says

    My 3g iPod touch got stuck installing 4.02, iTunes as then asking for os drivers for Vista. I connected my ipod tough to my daughters mac, had her restore the firmware, it installed 4.02, i then had to sync & restore all data to my ipod on my Vista machine. the same thing occurred with 4.0.1. what gives??

  61. says

    Mine was backing up overnight, still stuck in the same F****** place!

    I reset sync history and deleted previous backups and all that, still got stuck in the same place when i tried again!!


  62. says

    I had the same issue…My iphone update process was taking more than 12 hours… So i disconnected from my mac and connected to a windows machine. The update went well and then restored a backup from my mac.

    Hope this helps someone :)

  63. says

    I was having problems with my iTouch 2nd/3rd gen..I went through several programs to install the update, and when I finally did, the backing up took about 2 hours just to get about 1/10 of the way done. I switched the USB ports, nothing. Restarted iPod, nothing. I finally just did a regular sync, and restored instead of backing up. It works now!!!

  64. says

    in my case i had a program called wifi sync
    on my computer, that can sync the iphone through wireless, i uninstalled this program
    restart my itunes, and restores my iphone again
    and everything goes perfectly,
    iphone restoed in 5 min instead of hours.

  65. says

    First iIdownloaded the the firmware. Then what I did was held shift and clicked on update. A file directory menu came up, I pasted this in.

    Mac OS X: “~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates”

    Windows XP: “\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates”

    Windows Vista: “\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates”

    Depending on what type of system you have depends on what you paste in. After that I clicked on the firmware that I downloaded and then everything worked out fine.

  66. says

    why did apple fail so miserably at this? this is the sort of thing they should fix. No? its punishment to practice this sort of patience.

  67. says

    This is ridiculous.

    But remember, this is the cmpany that keeps screwing up Itunes.

    Itunes also ruins your music directories with its moving all the art into seperate folders than the music. (therefore wrecking any thumbnail album viewing while browsing via explorer)

    Itunes also pops up constantly and wont allow minimizing while updating/backing up therefore I am always having to be careful not to be typing ( like now ) when it automatically comes to the front, lest I cancel the process with a key stroke.

    Apple are also the company that neglected to include copy/cut/paste in the first releases and then charged us for the update to GET the function.

    Apple are also the company that refuse to acknowledge that FLASH is very common and not a ‘technology of the past’ and that a massive portionof the innternet uses FLASH and therefore we should have the option.

    Apple keeps us off Myspace music, facebook video and pretty much any other common video site in existence except the Youtube app. And notice, half the youtube vids in existence wont even run on the Ipod because of aforementioned issues.

    In a nutshell, Apple is CRAP.

    If Windows 7 is sooo bad than why is Parrallels and Bootcamp such popular programs for Apple?

    garbage. I hate this thing.

  68. says

    I just wanted to thank the people who posted fixes here. My phone is almost done restoring the backed up info. Yesterday it went for 4 hours and only 2 green bars for the backup had elapsed! I stopped it and today I tried the Restore instead of update, which seems to be working. Hopefully it will all be fine and I will have the new OS. It’s been going for a few hours, but it has progressed through what it is supposed to do, and I have a lot of data on the phone.

  69. says

    Just wanted to note I followed @Bob’s instructions on post #39 and all was well. After several hours of the “update” leading to what appeared to be a frozen situation, I canceled and performed the “restore” after finding this string of posts. At times I’m amazed at the lack of grief given to Apple…

  70. says

    My iTunes was hanging up during the back up phase while trying to install the OS 4.2 on my iPhone 3GS. I disabled my wireless network connection (removed the computer from the network) and the back up started making progress. After about 10 minutes the back up was all but done (there was just a tiny smidge left on the progress bar) and it hung again. At this point I reconnected to my wireless network and the rest of the update process began again within a few minutes. Patience is definitely required for this process. Overall the troubleshooting and finally getting the new OS installed took over 2.5 hours!

  71. says

    Boys & Girls, i have a iPod 3.0, trying to update
    it right now. I pressed update and it was stuck for like 2 hours..
    wasnt even 5%, tried turning off my network while updating, nothing
    happned, switched USB, nothing happned. So now everybody says
    restore works. so i pressed restore, now my ipod is backuping..
    thats taking kinda long time too.. i dont know if its stuck but its
    like 10 % and its not moving………. PLEASE HELP. and btw do i
    lose every song i have, i got like 1000 songs.. dont wanna download
    all again T_T

  72. says

    woo hoo! Thanks for the tip on restoring as a means to upgrading iphone software. I was really starting to feel like I had missed the boat on an easy upgrade. Upgrade was taking a full day at work, with no movement.

    I was waiting for some of the bugs to be worked out because the 4.0 upgrade turned my friends phone to a paperweight function only.


  73. says

    OMG thank god, I just restored it and everything was done in about 20 mins 😀
    dont bother with the nternet thing IIT FAILS and the USB ports depends on your PC.


  74. says

    I am 5 hours in to a manual backup. I’ve never done a successful backup, ever so i have to do this before I can attempt the restore option. I disabled the network, shut down Norton Internet Security, unplugged all the other USB devices. It’s chugging along very slowly, about 100MB per hour. I’ve only got about 1.6GB of data, still, at that rate I’m looking at 16 hours. I have data in apps that I don’t want to lose, otherwise would just go straight to restore. Smart phone, dumb software. Seriously, the morons at Apple have outdone themselves on this one.

  75. Akuba says

    Turning off the wireless connection allowed my iphone to finally sync. Before, it was syncing extremely slowly. Then, when I restore, it took less than five minutes. Now, restoring took almost 90 minutes but all of my apps and information was put back on my iphone. Thanks alot for the information. I just stumble upon this site and it had the best information. I finally have OS 4 after having 3.1.2 for months. Thanks again sooooo much for your help!!!!!! :)

  76. Ashok says

    Don’t have to disconnect the Ethernet cable or anything. Instead of doing “Update”, do this once you update your iTunes software.
    1. Take “Synch”… which will do native backup and update the tables.
    2. Now, simply perform “Restore”. This will ask you to do “Restore and Update”. Click on “yes”.
    3. Now sit back and enjoy.

    I really thing, such a major update, but too clumsy code making it hard for Apple users to get to latest code level. My update was complete in 2 hours. Obviously, that was after waiting, trying and more waiting for Update to fail!!

  77. Kakashis says

    using the restore method is effective and fast to update software and solve the the problem. I just syn, then restore and update, and tick all my apps in itunes and syn them back to my iphone! The whole process took around 2 hours, but definitely better than being stuck in the back up phrase! Thanks !!

  78. Guy says

    umm yea thanks for telling me to sync it to my computer first…… backed it up and restored it and pretty much lost everything….. explain ur shit people!

    • Ross says

      I must say I did the same thing as Guy (above). Perhaps we need to modify your article so we all don’t lose 6 months of data!

  79. Yusuf says

    Did you try this? Found this in several places and it works for me

    1. Quit iTunes.

    2. Start an elevated command prompt (Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Right Click “Command Prompt” -> “Run as Administrator”)

    3. Once in the command prompt, type “netsh winsock reset” and hit ENTER.

    4. Reboot your machine.

    5. Restart iTunes.

  80. d_n says

    Many thanks to all –

    Finally got 4.2 installed using ‘restore’ where it had previously hung at the ‘backing up’ stage……

    Disconnecting internet and winsock reset had both been tried, with no improvement.

    Nearly got tempted to abort the ‘restore’ as it was apparently stuck at the ‘calculating time……’ stage, but left it alone and it finally came good after an hour or so.

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