How To Downgrade iTunes 10 to iTunes 9.2.1

Several users who are dissatisfied with the new iTunes interface or other enhancements, or are experiencing problems with third-party add-ons or other issues may seek to downgrade to iTunes 9.2.1. Here’s the procedure:

Mac: If you have a Time Machine backup, simply use it to restore your iTunes 9.2.1. Otherwise, follow these instructions:

First, delete the following files

  • The iTunes application in /Applications
  •, which is located in ~/Library/Preferences (this is the library folder inside your user folder)
  • iTunes.pkg, which is located in /Library/Receipts (this is the library folder at the root level of your startup drive)
  • iTunesX.pkg, which is located in /Library/Receipts

Next, download iTunes 9.2.1 for Mac OS X and run the installer.

You may then need to recreate your iTunes library.


  1. Go to C:\My Documents\My Music. Backup the entire “iTunes” folder to a safe location.
  2. Using the Control Panel to uninstall the following: Apple Application Support, iPhone Configuration, iTunes 10, Apple Mobile Device Support, Apple Software Update and QuickTime.
  3. Reboot your computer
  4. Go back to C:My Documents\My Music\iTunes
  5. Rename the file iTunes Library.itl to something like iTunes Library.itl.backup.
  6. In the same folder, open “Previous iTunes Libraries” and find the most recent library backup, which should be named something like “iTunes Library 2010-09-1.itl” Copy this file, then paste it in C:My Documents\My Music\iTunes and rename it iTunes Library.itl
  7. Download either iTunes 9.2.1 for 32-bit or iTunes 9.2.1 for 64-bit (depending on your system configuration) and install the software.
  8. You may then need to recreate your iTunes library.


  1. sue phi says

    this method does not work with OSX LION. 1: can’t delete iTunes (system won’t let me), 2: there is no .plist file or package to remove. iTunes 10 appears to be completely integrated into Lion.
    i just wanted my drop down menu back (the one next to the song title). in previous versions, one could modify it from pointing to ping or the iTunes store to point directly to the library. it made it easy for me to go from a single out of order track in the recently aded playlist to the full album in the regular library list. i miss this feature greatly

    • laneo says

      1. change the permissions of the itunes app
      2. try again. it is over there.

      3. thanks for this ! i just did it on my mac and it worked perfectly.
      I had to recreate the library its a pretty simple process.. but i loss the “date added” attribute from my library.

  2. Ray Tomecko says

    Recreate the iTunes library? Are you kidding? I have 1,000 songs. (unless I’m misinterpreting that instruction.)

  3. Sheyenne says

    What else would the iTunes.pkg be called/named?

    *I realize most people have done this awhile ago. I just haven’t figured this thing out yet. Don’t want to make mistake and lose music or redo work that took months. Thank you for any advice.

  4. Chris says

    I spent a lot of money for an Airport Express and it does not work with my MacBook Pro. Seems like this is something the Apple store sales person might have thought to mention…. The reinstall did not work. I did not try downgrading–a solution that might require me to recreate the iTunes library seemed pretty bogus.

  5. Kenny says

    Whom ever decided to upgrade Itunes to a newer version I could beat you I hate this new version can’t copy new Playlist to my I phone and boy and I upset!!

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