iTunes 10 Crashes on Launch; Fixes

Some users have reported an issue in which iTunes 10 for Mac OS X crashes on launch. There are a few potential causes for this issue, and corresponding fixes.

Remove third-party add-ons. Start iTunes in safe mode by holding down the Option and Command keys (Mac) or the Shift and Control keys (Windows) while launching iTunes. If this solves the problem, try removing third-party plug-ins as described in this Apple Knowledge Base article.

Also, remove any third-party items from the folders /Library/QuickTime and ~/Library/QuickTime.

In particular, some users report that removing DesktopVideoOut.component from these locations resolves the issue.

Remove .plist files. Quit iTunes, then move the following files to a different location (the ~ represents your user folder):

  • ~/Library/Preferences/
  • ~/Library/Preferences/
  • ~/Library/Preferences/

Relaunch iTunes and check for proper startup.

Recreate your iTunes library. As described here.

Remove then reinstall iTunes. Failing the above, try completely removing iTunes per these instructions then reinstall iTunes 10.

Downgrade to iTunes 9.2.1. If both of the above options fail, you can (as a last resort) downgrade to iTunes 9.2.1.


  1. says

    I had problems with ALL my programs not launching after upgrading to Itunes10. Had also put some new podcasts on my phone, which another post said was causing the problem. Followed my instincts bfore uninstalling and re-installing Itunes as the post recommended, and just restarted the ‘puter. Now…all is well!…Very simple fix for me… restarted my ‘puter, now everything works fine. Hope this helps someone…

  2. says

    I downloaded this iTunes upgrade a few days ago, and ever since I started using it I’ve had problems. When I open the program to listen to music, I can never listen to many songs before it freezes and says that the program isn’t responding. Then when I try to re-open it, it’s still frozen. I haven’t had any problems syncing my iPod touch to it yet. Has anyone else had any problems like this with the program??

    • says

      Yes same issue! I temporarily fixed it by holding option then going to the go menu in the finder and deleting the plist files in my home library folder. Downgrading to 9.2.1 works the best. I have over 16k songs as well.

  3. says

    Moved to iTunes 10, and got the notorious “cannot find folder” issue when trying to sync. Problem turned out to be symlinks in my music folder – blowing them away fixed it.

  4. says

    OK, I know, I’m an idiot, but I can’t for the life of me find the desktopvideoout file…could anyone be more specific about where it would be (Windows XP)? Thanks.

  5. says

    People, a little help – where exactly is DesktopVideoOut.component in Windows 7? There’s no ‘Library’ sub-folder in my User folder, at least none I can see.

    Thanks a lot

  6. says

    On Windows 7 I have the same problem – iTunes 10 wouldn’t open at all, unless it was opened in safe mode. After hunting about unsuccessfully for this DesktopVideoOut.component, I ended up just opening up the new version of QuickTime (which had downloaded along with iTunes). The act of just opening QuickTime did the trick – now iTunes starts no problem and everything is fine.

  7. says

    I had this same problem and downgraded to 9.21 to fix it.
    But then I wanted to upgrade the iPhone OS, and can’t do so with
    the old version of iTunes. So, I decided to try removing the
    Outlook add-in dll, iTunesOutlookAddIn.dll, from the iTunes
    installation. This seems to work. I can sync my iPhone and run
    Outlook 2000.

  8. Don says

    I don’t want to upgrade to iTunes 10 … but when I click on my iTunes Store icon the screen fills up with a message asking me to download the new version. How do I get into the store without upgrading? There is no “No Thanks” icon to click on and proceed to the store.


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