iTunes 10: “The network connection was reset”; Fix

iTunes 10 may generate the error message “The network connection was reset” for some users, especially when attempting to purchase music or other media from the iTunes Store.

In most cases, the fix for this issue is to change DNS servers to those offered by OpenDNS as follows:

  1. Go to the Apple menu in the top-left portion of the screen and select System Preferences
  2. Click the Network pane
  3. Select your current type of Internet connection from the left-hand pane (AirPort, etc.) and click “Advanced”
  4. Select the DNS tab.
  5. Tap the plus (+) button in the lower-left of the System Preferences window and enter the following DNS entries: and
  6. Remove other DNS entries using the minus (-) button.
  7. Click “Apply Now.”


  1. says

    Simply changing to OpenDNS servers is not enough. Users should also register with OpenDNS on its website and download the free update program so that their connection stays current if their IP address changes.

  2. says

    @Terry Freedman-While having the update program for the DNS service for remote (server/file sharing) access is needed, it’s not for this issue. Switching from your ISP’s DNS server to the OpenDNS servers can make a big difference for many users’ browsing and e-mail responsiveness.

  3. Nganda says

    What is the “Apple menu”? Is it under iTunes 10? Am using window 7 and iTunes 10. I don’t see the damn thing the article calls “system preferences” and so can’t do the suggested changes. Am I looking at a different thing?

  4. Jerry Levinson says

    That answer was for Mac users, typical of answers that are not complete, it didn’t say so. For Windows users, go to your network control panel and change the DNS settings there. I use a Mac so can’t give you more details. If it works for you, please post the complete steps.

  5. Gerhard says

    Enter your router via a browser. Find where you can change DNS settings. Type in OpenDNS addresses, and, in Primary DNS and Secondary DNS fields.

  6. George says

    For PC users:

    Find “My Network Places” in your start menu or on your desktop. Right-click it and select “properties.” On the properties tab that pops up, scroll down the list of protocols to the TCP/IP protocol. Highlight it and select the “properties” button below it. From there you can DE-select auto-DNS and instead enter those two DNS addresses mentioned in the article and on previous posts.

    • Laura says

      I just followed George’s instructions for this problem, and I still get the error. The address above, the and have a different number of digits than the spaces provided in my internet protocal window. I am allowed three digits for the 67 part. When I only had two digits, I just used them. Wonder if that’s the problem.

      • Adrian Salazar says

        I used the tip that George initially posted and it worked! When I typed in the two addresses numbers, “ and,” I first entered one and then hit add and then typed in the other and hit add.

        Thanks for the solution.

  7. spoonlamp says

    What a joke. A World-wide front end like the apple store and they expect people to go through this nonsense to make it work? Amazon here I come…

  8. WeebSurfer says

    Thank you for the reminder. just recently upgraded my rogers modem to one of their new router / modem pieces of …. and had to reset a lot of network settings. forgot about this. duh. it appears to have cleared up some issues. Not sure what spoonlamp means about “Amazon here I come” though. I actually think Amazon’s Cloud may be the downfall of civilization that the Mian’s were predicting. 😉

  9. Frank says

    I’m on a VMWare Windows XP virtual PC running iTunes 10. Was getting the error every time I downloaded a song. Would have to his resume 5-10 times per download to get it to complete. Updated the DNS settings and downloaded two songs without issue. We’ll see if it sticks.

    Like Weebsurfer I’m also on a Rogers wireless router with Extreme High speed internet. This problem started happening for me about 3 months ago. No idea why, but if this fixes it I’m happy.

  10. Yvon says

    I had the same problem which (apparently) is solved simply by unchecking “allow simultaneous downloads” at the bottom of the Download page in i-Tunes. I’m using a PC with system 7.

    • steve says

      I have folloewd all of those instructions, I have windows 8, it seems even worse. it wont even let me buy anything now.

  11. Guy says

    Still having the problem, changing DNS made no difference. Have emailed Itunes and got a response saying it must be my internet connection – well, everything else works just fine. I’m on a Mac and getting ‘Error 3253’ and network connection ‘reset’ messages. This is so frustrating – anyone got any idea what else I can do?

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