iPad Won’t Charge or Won’t Show Up in iTunes

Some users have reported an issue in which the iPad won’t charge when connected to a wall outlet using the included 10W power adapter, or will not appear in iTunes when connected to a Mac or Windows computer.

If you are experiencing this issue, try switching the iPad to a different USB report or turning the iPad off then back on again. Also, ensure a snug fit with on both the dock connector and USB ends.

Also, try leaving your iPad connected to your Mac or PC, then restarting the Mac or PC while the iPad is still connected.

Failing the aforementioned, the issue can sometimes be resolved via a simple two-step process:

  1. Uninstall iTunes per Apple’s instructions (look under “Completely Remove iTunes from Mac OS X”)
  2. Reinstall iTunes (download here)

Some iPads exhibiting this issue, however, may suffer from a hardware problem that requires repair.

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