iPhone Battery Drain After iOS 4.3 Update

Increased battery drain has been reported after virtually every iOS release, although many iPhone users experience better battery life after updates. Even so, the fact remains that Apple has struggled with battery issues since iOS 4.0 was released. The following are just some of the many user complaints:

iOS 4.3 is causing battery drain
iOS 4.3 drains my battery
iOS 4.2.1 battery drain
New iOS 4.1 is a battery KILLER!
iOS 4.1 drains battery
Battery runs out very quickly in iOS 4.0.1

See our previous articles on the iOS and 4.2.1 updates and associated battery drain issues for tips on how to prolong an iPhone’s battery life. Here are some more ideas for troubleshooting this common problem (make sure that after each step you reboot the iPhone by holding down the Home and Sleep keys until an Apple logo appears):

  1. Turn the iPhone off and then on again.
  2. Go to Settings>General>Reset and select Reset Network Settings.
  3. Go to Settings and turn off Notifications. If this fixes the problem, a misbehaving application is to blame.
  4. Find the application that is causing the problem. Likely suspects are streaming programs like Pandora; social networking applications such as Facebook, Yahoo and Skype; or other data-heavy programs including Dataman and Game Center. To disable Game Center you must go to Settings>Restrictions and disable Multiplayer Games; this action will kill a background process that does not show up in the quick-launch bar.
  5. Delete the Exchange account, if you have it, and reboot; then add it back.
  6. Go to Settings>Email>MobileMe and turn off the Find My iPhone feature.
  7. Install this configuration profile from Apple: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3398 and then reboot your iPhone.
  8. If none of the above suggestions fix the problem, restore using a backup (see the resources section below).
  9. Restore in iTunes as new, without using a backup (you may have corrupted data in your backup). This should be a last resort because applications and music will have to be manually added again and application settings will be lost (see the resources section below for more information).

Please go to http://www.apple.com/feedback to make Apple aware of the battery issue. Hopefully, they will release iOS 4.3.1 soon and the problem will be fixed. And don’t forget, when charging an iPhone, to make sure the device is allowed to fully charge.


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  1. vinnieterranova says


    What do you mean by “make sure the device is allowed to fully charge”?

    th in adv


  2. ATB says

    Apple states:
    “For proper maintenance of a lithium-based battery, it’s important to keep the electrons in it moving occasionally. Be sure to go through at least one charge cycle per month. ” At least once per month, run the battery down and charge to full.

  3. Dez says

    Had this problem as I soon as I updated to 4.3.
    4.3.1 didn’t fix.
    Turning off Ping, push mail, location services, 3G, data services etc didn’t fix.
    Battery life when not using the phone was down to 12 hours. Fully charged at 5pm on Friday and left unused it was dead flat at 8am on Saturday . After a full recharge on Saturday it died again sometime Sunday morning.
    A reset and restore seems to have cured it – after 4 hours it is still on 100% (even with the WiFi on) – yesterday it would have been down to 60% or less.
    But I’m leaving Ping turned off!

  4. Itamar says

    please help,
    i have a battery drain problem that i have noticed since i updated to ios 4.2.1

    if im lucky my iphone 4 lasts for 2h, 30 minutes of usage and i am always closing my apps! i tried a complete dfu restore (not from backup) and i reset my network settings. i updated to ios 4.3.1 and it is still draining battery. i did a hard reset, i turned off ping and all push email and notifications. i rarely switch on 3g and mobile data and wifi is only switched on when i am using it. i have location services switched off as well.

    please help and thank you in advance.

  5. HB says

    There is a reproducable problem with synchronisation of Mail, Contacts an Calendar.
    I synchonise with Exchange via VPN.
    Every Sync is on “manual”.
    Though, even when i only change a adress (or even only one a adress in (uh, whats the english word for this: changing mode ?)
    without really changing the data in the adress
    or modifying a calendar-Data
    after that 4.3.1 does user 6 to 8 % accu per hour insteasd of 1,5 or 2 % before.
    This stops, when I activate VPN and synchronise Calenad and Mail an Contacts.
    So the “manual” mode in Synchronisation is ignoired – OIhone always trys to synchronise althoug.

    This is reproducable.

    Sorry 4 my funny englich,

    HB from germany

  6. ChristianS says

    Hello HB,

    i had this issue since updateting to 4.3.1. never before. i recently noticed it got better when i worked from any wlan. till then i nearly tried everything like installing disabling restting configurations.
    Now your tipp/workaround is working! And it’s the first solution for this problem, that solved it for my issue: Battery drain straight to zero in less than 10 hours. I’m sitting at my customers office, fearing my phone would stay over the night again.

    Thanks a lot!

    So now i can file a bug to apple – since – it’s a bug, isn’t it?

    Cheers to germany,

  7. Steven Gaj says

    I had this issue and took it (3GS) to the MAC store. They said my battery was fine and it was an internal hardware issue and to purchase a new iphone. I was not in a position to go down that route, so I completely wiped the phone and restored an older version of the iphone software (back in April 2011, i.e. when everything was working fine). Now the phone is working like normal with a few days of life on the battery. Nothing like real-time bug insertion by Apple. They need to fix this ASAP. Common guys. Test your stuff before you push out to itunes. As a programmer, I am embarrassed for them.

  8. Amy says

    I have tried all and I can still see the battery life decreasing as I watch. Been on for 15 min with no use and it has drained over 10percent.

  9. HTS says

    There is a problem. It’s with the Sleep profiles. The poorly written Apps are over riding the Sleep. Don’t believe it. Check usage. Put it to sleep. Wake it up and check usage. Was it in use? Yes. Is the phone hot like you were talking on it? Apple is aware of the issue. They don’t have a fix yet. In my case, the offending app was Facebook. Unfortunately, you can’t just uninstall it. It’s got to be a full reset. Then, load apps one at a time. When you start killing the battery again, don’t install that app the next time. Reset and start over. No restores. So much for the Genius Bar. Go to an Apple Store and tell the about the issue. The answers are commical.

  10. Jeremyangry says

    Since the latest update for my iphone 4 on 9th march 2012 I have lost keyboard clicks and incoming and outgoing text/mail alerts!!!

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