How to Determine What Model is Your iPad

1. On the Home screen, tap “Settings”.

2. Then tap “General”.

3. Then tap “About”.

4. Then tap “Regulatory”.

You should see one of the below model numbers corresponding to the version of iPad (original iPad or iPad2) and the type of connectivity capability:

iPad 2:

Model A1395 — iPad2 WiFi

Model A1396 — iPad2 Wi-Fi/GSM/A-GPS

Model A1397 —  iPad2 WiFi/CDMA/A-GPS

Original iPad:

Model A1219 — original iPad WiFi

Model A1337 — original iPad WiFi/3G/A-GPS


  1. Bob says

    Why don’t they just stamp the iPads with which model it is not a stupid number, should be just iPad, ipad2 and ipad3. I think it is ridiculous I have to go to a website like this to see what model iPad I have. Naming conventions are most important part of a product.

  2. jack peterson says

    I agree with the previous comments. What a ridiculous way to have to find the
    model. I heard Apple people were smart. NOT SO!

  3. Jim collins says

    I think it’s ridiculous to have to go to a website to find out if my iPad is a model 1,2 or 3. Just print it on the back.

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