“My iPhone 4 went dead”; Fix

Several users have reported problems with the iPhone 4 inexplicably dying – even with a sufficient battery charge. To fix this problem, perform a hard reset by holding down the power and home screen buttons at the same time for 30 seconds.


  1. Dilara Ahmed says

    On 21st Nov’11 I have installed iOS directly on my iPhone4 after receiving the update reminder. Suddenly found my phone shut off automatically after download is complete. After a minute or so I could swhitch on the mobile. The same evening my iPhone4 went dead completely. It can not be detected by iTunes nor it response to any while connect to charger. My phone is fully charged. It is dead because I have downloaded iOS ? Or there may be any other reason??? Need help ….

    • Cynthia says

      Worked this time & thanks but hope this does not become a regular activity or I will reconsider phones….hubby got Samsung same time I got iPhone & he hasn’t had any issues yet. We will see how often I have to reboot this way.

  2. crApple Cusstomer says

    None of those “solutions” have worked for me. Took it to the crApple store. They couldn’t get it to do anything. I was pretty bummed until they offer me the opportunity to “swap” the phone out and it would only cost me $200 (for a phone I purchased new for $199.99). I wasn’t bummed anymore… I was pissed. I didn’t take advantage of the wonderful opportunity crApple extended. Wonder how far an iPhone 4 will fly if I throw overhand and follow through? Any guesses?

  3. AJAY says

    HI just did it thought i was screwed but it worked thanks for the help ,,mine died or froze on a black screen ,,it told me low batt ,i was just playing a hd 3d game and the phone was very warm . i think from the research i have done all the iphones that are doing this are over heating. think we need a cooling fan apple

  4. says

    I had the same thing happen to me today. Except I was not using any applications -in fact the phone was not in use at all. Simply sitting on my desk. I went to click it on and look up something and got NOTHING.

    I did try the process that was suggested -it worked. But I am concerned that it might happen again. Has anyone heard of this occurring repeatedly. My phone is about a year and a half old. My FIRST iphone and I am a bit disappointed if a phone won’t last longer than that-or even give you a warning that something imminent might occur.
    Makes me want to venture to… dare I say… another company!

  5. isaa says

    heyy…..someone please answer asap!! my phone wont charge..it turns on but everytime i connect it it shows the symbol as iff its charging to turn back on but it wont…….my phone has not turned on in a while….how do i fix it???!!!

  6. Rocky says

    I have a iPhone 3GS. It has stopped working. It has a white screen and when I’m connecting to iTunes it is showing nothing but an error message “We’re sorry, we are unable to continue with your activation at this time.” I don’t understand what this is. The phone was working perfectly. Although it did fall from my hand before this white screen happened. People told to change the screen, but this is no screen problem. Pls Help.

  7. coolkid says

    Today my friend borrowed my iphone4 to make a phone call and after she gave it back to me, the screen stayed black, even though it had enough battery..

  8. MY phone died too says

    yep thx it worked for me too.. i wasnt worried cuz i knew i would find a solution online.
    I tried hard reset for some seconds it didnt work but i did for about 40 and it finally worked.

  9. julz says

    My iphone 4 has completely died! My issue is that the lock.button does not work. I had the white button that provides the manual lock. I have tried to plug the phone in & itunes won’t start up or recognise my phone. Help!

  10. Dorris Ostwinkle says

    This may not be the best place to ask but, I have been looking for a place to take my Mac for repair. Does anyone have any info on this apple repair service? They’re located in West Los Angeles, which is only 5 minutes from my apartment. It’s called – Mac Repair Los Angeles, 11322 Santa Monica Blvd, Ste B Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 966-9099.

  11. carol says

    OMG! I panicked without my phone. I tried everything and nothing worked until I tried the fix listed here. It worked!!!!! Thanks!

  12. Mary says

    It worked! My phone was just sitting on my table. I had used it 30 minutes before. It wouldn’t turn on. It didn’t need a charge. I followed your suggestion and it worked!! Any chance it will happen again?

  13. salih says

    my iphone 4 is suddenly dead, when calling to this phone after dead it hear ringing sound but my phone (iphone 4) still is on dead condition after sometime when i calling to this number it says that phone is switched off.. I required your kind help in this regard..

  14. MIke says

    Hi. my friends iphone 4 just crashed. I tried the hold down hone and sleep button for 30 sec but nothing worked. shes really sad and i need ways to make her phone work. HELP?

  15. jewell says

    My iPhone 4s died to low battery and will no longer charge. Ive tried several cables and outlets. When holding down power and home buttons it just shows me the ”connect to charger” symbol, no matter how long i hold it. Is my phone now useless our is there a way for me to fix it without taking it to an apple store?

  16. Charlie says

    same – iphone 4 just sitting on desk and suddenly dead even though it had been fully charged and i had just unplugged it from charger. hard reset worked but phone very slow – have been having some issues with it lately such as touchscreen unresponsive and everything really slow to load, sometimes i couldn’t even turn the thing off! this has just made me re-think keeping the phone and looking at a new one which is frustrating as i have just started a new plan for 2 years grrrr

  17. Darshini says

    My apple 4s v purchsd in dubai n in india my child pressed lock fr several times so it lockd .by tat v frmatted tat .by tat ma handset not w
    Switching on n v kpt lik tat nly fr 3 yrs . Nw v r trying to repair tat .so i tried bt al r tlng board complnt bt onthng ma handset getting charged .pls give solution

  18. CK says

    FANTASTICO! I was worried for 1 minute, then the suggestion above really worked!

    So grateful, thanks!

  19. says

    Hard boot worked! My iPhone 4 is working perfectly!Hope its not a recurring defect!
    Thanks for the solution. Appreciate it!

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