How to Enable iOS 5 Multitasking Gestures for iPad 1

One of the new iOS 5 features involves multitasking gestures that allow a four or five-finger swipe to pull up the multitasking drawer; move left and right between apps; and pinch to view the home screen. However, for whatever reason, Apple decided this feature was best for the iPad 2.

Officially, this feature is not supported by Apple on iPad 1 which made users of that device very unhappy. For instance, one user stated, “No gestures for iPad 1 in iOS 5? Apple, are you kidding us? This is not fair.” The interesting part is it seems iPad 1 can run the multitasking gestures without problems. Apple didn’t initially advertise multitasking gestures as being an iPad 2 exclusive feature, but they have since updated their web site after.

The gestures can be enabled using a tethered jailbreak, but there are many people that do not want to install a jailbreak on their iPad for the obvious reasons. Fortunately, there is another solution. This solution comes from a user named D.B. in the modmyi forums, who modified the jailbreaking tool redsn0w to do this: Enable multitasking gestures and mirroring.

Here is how it works:

1. Update your iPad’s software to iOS 5, if you have not already done so.

2. Download the modified redsn0w version:

3. Plug your iPad into your computer.

4. Open redsn0w and select jailbreak; then put your iPad in DFU mode.

5. Uncheck “Install Cydia” to prevent jailbreaking and check “Enable Multitask gestures.”

Be patient, and once redsn0w is done, your iPad will restart. Go to Settings > General, and you will see the multitasking option enabled on your device.


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