iPhone 4S: Phone numbers not formatting properly

Several people have reported problems regarding phone numbers not displaying correctly on iPhone 4S. The first issue is that phone numbers are not displaying properly; meaning that phone numbers are displayed as 3125551212 instead of (312) 555-1212. The second issue was that call lists do not show the associated contact name even though the numbers are in the address book.

This seems to only affect Verizon devices. To fix this problem, dial *228 (this is Verizon’s over-the-air programming number). Press the “1” key on your phone to program or activate your phone. Wait while Verizon updates your phone. When the call is completed, open the Task Manager and kill the Phone, Message, and Contacts Applications. This should fix this problem.


  1. walker says

    This worked!

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  2. Ben52646 says

    HERE IS THE FIX!!!!!

    Okay, here is how you fix this problem:

    STEP 1. First you have to dial *228 on your iPhone 4S. You should note that *228 is a Verizon over-the-air programming number.

    STEP 2. Wait for sometime until the system responds, then you have to press “1″ to “Program or activate your phone”.

    STEP 3. After sometime the system will say, “Settings updated”. Then you have to wait until the call disconnects.

    STEP 4. Now double click the Home Button of your iPhone 4S to open the Task Manager.

    STEP 5. Now close Phone, Message, and Contacts Applications on your iPhone 4S.

    STEP 6. After waiting for five minutes, open the Message App on your iPhone 4S to check the fix.

    That’s it. In this way you can fix iOS 5.0.1 contact bug on your iPhone 4S. If you are not able to fix this issue after using the above steps then again you have to close the Message App and restart your iPhone 4S. It is expected that soon Apple will release iOS 5.0.2 to fix this issue.

  3. Cynthia says

    I was having the same problems with my iPhone 4 on AT&T services. I went through a lot of my contacts to see if my phone had the international number inadvertently added to a contact. Since I have too many contacts, I realized that it had to be a program that was recently updated that has access to my contact list. I immediately went to Facebook and disconnected it from use of my contact list and my names associated with people that were originally in my contact list came back. SO with FB numerous updates and them having access to all of your personal data on your phone is not a really good idea.

    Just go to your Settings; scroll down to Facebook; under “allow these apps to use your accoung:” turn off contacts button.

    I hope this helps.

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