Daily Q & A: My iPad can’t connect to iTunes Store / App Store? How do I resolve this?

You may be unable to access the iTunes Store and/or App Store on your iOS device. If you are experiencing this issue, here are some tips for troubleshooting:

  1. Make sure that you have a Wi-fi / 3G connection and these are turned on.
  2. Try resetting your Wi-Fi router by turning it off and then on again.
  3. Check and verify that Restrictions on your iPad is turned off (Settings > General > Restrictions).
  4. Tap Settings > Store on your device and sign out, then sign in again.
  5. Tap Settings > Store > Apple ID > view Apple ID and turn off Genius for Apps.
  6. Turn off and on (restart) your iPad.


  1. Karimah says

    Ok so i have an ipad 2 and regardless of what i try it keeps telling me cannot connect to itunes store. please help!!!

  2. Fj says


    I’m trying to connect to the istore through Wi-Fi but keeps telling me can’t connect to apple i-tunes store. It can connect to the internet through wi-fi so I assume it should work.

    If I use the 3g connection I don’t have any issues, ipad allows me to connect to the i-store and internet.

    Could this be a setting on the Wi-Fi config or ipad?
    And why does it allow me to connect to internet but not the i-store?

  3. NCGrammie says

    I am going through the same thing on my new iPad 2. I can’t understand if it’s a wifi problem then how am I able to surf the web? This is very frustrating. I went through the steps above with no luck.

    Does anyone else have any ideas?

    • Fraser Wilson says

      I have had the same issue with my sons Ipad 2 and have just signed out then restarted the ipad 2 and signed back in and low and behold it works a treat. Not sure if this was just coinsidence but worth a try.

      Best of luck.

  4. Midge148 says

    Same here…only happened after last iOS update….getting fed up of trawling forums for solutions that simply don’t work…wtf Apple!!?

  5. Paul says

    I have a new ipad and cannot connect at all to the iTunes store. I have tried the suggestions above as well as those on a dozen other sites. I signed out as indicated above but can’t sign back in because it’s giving me the same error about being unable to connect to the iTunes store. This is really annoying and I’d be happy to have the past four hours of my life back (as well as a solution to this iTunes connection issue). Thinking a $700 product should work a little better than this? Can’t install any apps at all. :(

  6. nick says

    okay so we spend mad money for apples stuff and it hardly works…and the best advice we get from apple is check ur settins and turn it on and off? any idiot could have suggested that…get on ur game apple and fix ur expensive pieces of crap please

  7. Cheri says

    I am having the same problem. Brand new and unable to download any apps. I am about ready to take it back and downgrade to a kindle fire

  8. Len says

    I had the exact same problem when trying to update apps in my iPad. I found the following site that made the fix easy and it worked after about 1 hour of me searching useless sites trying to figure it out. This worked in about 10 seconds… not sure why but at this point I don’t care.

    Simply done: go to Settings/General/Restrictions. Turn restrictions on. Leave for about 5 seconds. Turn restrictions off. Try the iTunes app store again.
    Good Luck! :-)

  9. marwa says

    i tried to apply thee instructions from 1 to 6 but i still have the problem of. ot being able to connect to itunes store

  10. Dave says

    Ditto, none of the suggestions worked. Just like all the other forum suggestions. I wish there was a way to auto-delete all these useless ideas.

  11. says

    After trying everything on every other website and here, it was finally signing out and back in with my AppleID that fixed the problem. This was an iPhone 4, my iPad 1 had no problem on the same network.

    Wasted an entire morning, it felt like I was dealing with Windows.

  12. Brian says

    Same problem as others, apparently linked to OS6 “up”grade. No success with methods 1 to 6 on link from Len. Some limited success using 3G mobile data – with multiple pressings of “install” button in spite of “cannot connect..” warning. No joy at all with wifi. Guess Apple dont really need the iTunes or App store sales.

  13. Saskia says

    I recently took a ipad3 over from a friend, registed a Apple ID for myself, but when I enter the Itunes icon on the desktop it says “cant connect to itune store”. It only gives me podcasts and ituneU as options in itunes app. Can someone please help me? I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING!

  14. bluecraney says

    im haveing the same trouble on the ipod and non of the fixes work dont you think apple can at least make simple patch it is pissing me off i have 13 updates and can do only one or two a day

  15. bluecraney says

    im haveing the same trouble on the ipod and non of the fixes work dont you think apple can at least make simple patch it is pissing me off i have 13 updates and can do only one or two a day if that

  16. Brian says

    I tried all the “cures” posted by others without success, but about a week later the problem seemed to resolve “all by itself” – I assume Apple made some patch to iOS6 in the background.

    Who knows, but it is over.

  17. jeanie says

    I have the same problems. My ipad has been stuck for 5 days. I want to return mine since I have only had it a few months. Has anyone had any luck exchanging one under warranty?

    • Hannah says

      All fix.

      Router Internet off then on
      Installing Apps On.
      Apple ID out then in again or sign up
      Download! It is fixed

  18. Helene says

    Please get out of the appstore. Find amongst your apps any apps that are “waiting” or “pending” (they will be darkly coloured). Tap these with your finger. They will finish downloading. Then you will have access to your appstore once again. Everything else does not work.

  19. Mandy says

    I have my iPad 2 I can’t download new apps or update any of my apps I tried every thing but it didn’t work please help

  20. Brittany says

    I can get on the Internet, download new apps and play my apps. I just cannot update applications. I have tried everything on this website. Any more clever ideas.?

  21. Hannah says

    I have the app Store out of my IPad. Can you fix it? Apple? Can you bring me a new restrictions passcode and a sheet of paper that has the 4 number code?

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