iPad / iPhone: Unable to sync Notes to iCloud problem, fix

Several people have reported that they could not sync Notes from an iPad to an iPhone, even though iCloud is turned on in settings.


  1. Delete the iCloud account in the iCloud settings on your iPad
  2. Turn your iPad iCloud settings off and on and sign in with your Apple ID
  3. Turn off Notes in the iCloud settings; then turn on
  4. Check iCloud as the default account in the Notes settings.


    • Tim says

      I am not sure. I don’t think so, however I have bad experience with contacts disappearing from my iPhone after iCloud sync. I backed up my iphone notes to my computer using CopyTrans Contacts first. Only then I followed the steps and it worked – however, it is worth keeping a save offline backup of your iphone notes!

  1. says

    I did what you said, there are no notes showing up on my iPhone 4 what am I doing wrong. Same with iPhoto no new taken photos show up even though settings are on iCloud as per instructions Please help me this would make my life so much easier, as it is I must have my iPad with me to access important info. Nor does this info show up on my mac pro,the notes. And when I take photos with iPhone i still have to download to my mac and to iPad

  2. Taz says

    I tried this on my IPad first but it did not help me with the Notes as when I go to turn on the sync in iCloud it asks me to create an @me.com account which is the same on my iPhone 4.

    How do I fix that?

    Cheers Taz

  3. Trudy Hofley says

    I just tried the fix and cannot get the problem resolved. I’ll go in to the apple store and see if I can’t get them to resolve it. If they are successful, I’ll ask them to post the fix.

  4. John says

    It seems to me that the Notes App allows for Notes to be shared when using iCloud, or not shared, i.e. private on the device. If you set iCloud as the default Notes account and create a NEW note, then it will be synced to all devices having Notes iCloud enabled. All EXISTING Notes that were created before iCloud came out supporting Notes cannot be synced unless you copy/paste them into a new Note with iCloud as the account.

    • Lori says

      Yes… that’s correct! I’ve tried all of what’s stated above.
      It appears that 27 of my Notes are stored in Yahoo and the 1 newest Note is in the Cloud folder. Can’t get the iCloud to copy them. I think the only was would be to copy and paste

    • pearcie17 says

      This definitely seems like the case. I just tested it and 100% agree. It’s a real shame it won’t happen automatically because I have about 100 separate notes :(

      Looks like a night of copy and pasting for me.

  5. David says

    So Notes created on all of my devices under the “Notes/iCloud account” sync just fine. But how do I get Notes created on my iPad or iPhone accounts moved to my iCloud account without copy/pasting all of them?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  6. Debbie says

    My Iphone only showing a small number of my notes… I somehow delete some of my information (at least the information is not showing). How can I retrieve my notes from Icloud, or wherever the notes are

  7. CebVa says

    This is cr*p. Something as simple as copying notes or syncing notes created before iCloud is impossible without buying an after-market program. What is Apple thinking? I have over 300 notes I want to sync and I am told the only way to do it is to email them one-at-a-time? Problem with Apple is they treat their devices like toys for texting and taking pictures instead of serious uses real adults might find helpful. This is probably my last Apple product.

    • JPE says

      It works but only with notes appearing after the iCloud synchronisation has been setup on the ipda and iphone.

      The hard way consists of sending the notes to the iCloud account and copy and paste them into new notes on http://www.icloud.com.

      But an easier way consist of just adding e.g. a letter of the first line / title of each note either on the iphone or ipad. They will be parsed as new notes and get synched.

      • Louise says

        This did not work for me:

        But an easier way consist of just adding e.g. a letter of the first line / title of each note either on the iphone or ipad. They will be parsed as new notes and get synched.

    • pissed at apple says

      same issue. I’m switching to android. THIS IS STUPID! I can’t sync my notes to the cloud and have them appear on my iphone…


  8. says

    This goes to show, Apple devices are no longer as easy to use as they once were. In this apparent concerted effort to force people to keep info in the cloud. i really hate it. And you know, even worse, now , you can’t sync notes directly from your phone to your mac. You have to sync notes on your iPhone through the internet to your Mac, both of which are consuming internet that you are somehow paying for. Apple was playful, now turning into a Monster. If Microsoft and hence windows fail, we’ll be in a really deep hole. I’ve really tried not to curse here.

  9. Jim Perry says

    My problem with syncing iPad notes to iCloud came from the fact that I had already created a number of notes on my iPad before enabling iCloud sync. These notes were placed in my “On My iPad” Notes account which does not sync to the iCloud. The problem is examined closely here:


    I understand it this way: that only newly-created notes on the iPad will get pushed to my iCloud account and not the notes from “On My iPad” notes account.

  10. Bernie says

    I had to copy my notes (the ones I cared to “share”) into new notes on the “iCloud Account”.

    I did this in the devices. I have an iPhone 4s and iPad. I just upgraded to Mountain Lion (os x 10.8.2) and finally put an ounce of effort into resolving this convenience.

    Now the notes I copied and pasted, inside of each device, that I cared about, are now on all my devices.

    After checking that they were all there on iCloud, I just erased the (now) duplicate notes that were on the devices accounts.

    Thank you John from July 2012 for the info. I am sorry for any of you who have 300 notes etc, but it really won’t take you long when you get a rhythm going, although a silly problem for Apple to leave open. C’mon Apple!!!


  11. Diane says

    Is this fixed yet?? I am thinking all this time the cloud was backing up my notes. Today i accidentally deleted A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE and went to look for it on icloud….NO NOTES THERE????
    How can i get them back?????

  12. says

    I followed apple’s instructions above on my iPad but notes would still not sync. Then I tried the same procedure on my iPhone … deleted iCloud account and out it back on and then the syncing wored again. Good luck to everyone.

  13. Jack Johnson says

    This has seriously wasted HOURS of my life and unnecessary concerns. I too am certainly not impressed that you cant sync previous existing notes.

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