iPhone 4S: Slow home button problem, fix

Several people have reported issues with a very slow home button response on iPhone 4.


Turn off ‘Triple-click Home’ (this feature is off by default) > Settings > General > Accessibility > Triple-click Home.

If does not work

Reset your device by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo.


  1. Amer says

    Unfortunately,,,,,,still not working :-(
    Any other solution?
    I was using iOS 4.3.3 it never give me any Problem since i update the devise to iOS 5.0.1 the problem appeared !!!!!!

  2. Alex says

    Thanks for the advice.

    Could you explain what happens inside the iPod when you reset it the way you suggest (Home+Sleep buttons pressed & held simultaneously)??

    What is the difference with pressing Sleep button only??

    Thanks again.

  3. John says

    This totally works! i was wondering why my home button suddenly had a slow response time! it was turning on the triple click that did it! now its fast again ! Thank You

  4. says

    Thank you so much! This worked perfectly first time. My issue was I had turned on the triple click home for inverted color switch – which I thought was cool. At first when I cut off triple click home it still did not function properly, after I did a reset it’s as good as new! Thanks again.

    iPhone 4s 32GB w/ Verizon
    Bought in October, 2011
    Loved always…

  5. Samboycott says

    This is not about slow home button but i am very astonished that how can iphone 4s get such annoying problems like the home button is not working. The same problem is with me too in my 4s. How careless is the quality check with the iphone 4s makers. They don’t even check the home button before releasing it in the market.

  6. Paul says

    this doesnt work……….there has to be 900 explnations on how to fix this problem. None of them work.

  7. Aaron b says

    It worked. I thought it was a hardware problem and was about to spend $100 on getting it fixed but I came across your site and tried the triple click fix and it worked thank you

  8. Ivanhoe says

    Dudes its easy to see that we are talking about two different issues here. People that had the accessability option on and those who are experiencing a similar issue with that option off.My problem started after installing wallpaper camera app which messed up the (try to check if u installed anything recently). There s also the third possibility that the structure underneath the home button might be at fault and is in need of repair.

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