iPhone 4S won’t charge to 100%

iPhone 4S users are reporting that their device does not fully charge to 100%.  Users report that their iPhones only reach 90 to 98 percent charge even though they charged their iPhones all night.

The iPhone battery may need to be recalibrated from time to time to keep the battery percent display accurate. It is recommended that you fully charge your iPhone, then completely run it down once a month to calibrate it.

iPhone 4S battery


  1. Ron says

    Ridiculous! That’s like having to recalibrate the the fuel gauge in my car every time I fill up! You would think they would have this worked out by now!

    • Carlos says

      That is not correct. Fuel gauges display the amount of gas on the tank due to a mechanical system (even if the gauge itself is electronic) and measures a level of fluid inside the tank. On the other hand, batteries are satturaded with electricity, there´s no physical quantity to be measured.

  2. Jim says

    The problem occurred just AFTER I did just that! My iPhone battery won’t last a day, so I let it drain to 0 overnite – only 94 percent.

  3. Len says

    Im on here looking for answers. Mine won’t accept ANY charge from ANY source. When I first got it (2 months ago) it would charge all night and reach 94%. Now today it won’t charge at all. I got a lemon not an apple.

    • #Insanesword says


      I had this problem a few times on my iPhone 4. I did a hard reset with it plugged in to the computer and iTunes (not charging from the wall socket). The result was it started charging again upto 100% not sure why but it did. A hard reset is to press and hold the on /off button and the home button at the same time until the screen flashes. Hope it works

  4. dgbostick says

    My iPhone 4 is doing this too. When I wake up in the morning I unplug the cable from the charger then plug it back in and it charges to 100% in about 15-20 minutes. (-:

  5. Seth says

    I had the same thing that happened to al happen to me. I just got my iPhone 4S about a week ago and it started to happen when I let my phone fully die. If I take it to the apple store will apple care cover a new battery?

  6. Jess says

    Ok so I got an iPhone 4s last month, and when I charge it overnight it only charges to around 50%!! But when I turn it off while its charging it goes to 100% BUT as soon as I turn it back on it says “activation required” then “invalid sim” every time? Any suggestions ?

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