Best iPad cases for kids

The iPad can be a great educational tool. You may be thinking about getting an iPad for your child or you may want to hand your iPad off to your toddler or preschooler in exchange for few minutes of quiet. In either case, kids can be ‘klutzy’ because their physical development and motor skills haven’t fully developed. The iPad could be dropped and banged around while your precious kids play with it. Thus, you should consider finding an iPad case to help protect your investment. Here are a few cases suitable for kids:


iGuy iPad Cases

This is a kid friendly case; it has legs which allow it to stand upright. It designed to be soft and squishy to offer protection for the iPad. This single case fits all iPad models (the new iPad, iPad 1 and iPad 2).

($39.95; link)


Gripcase iPad Cases

The producers state that “Gripcase is the ultimate iPad case for maximum portability, handling, and protection.” This case has handles which make it easier for your toddler to hold on and carry.

($29.99 – $39.99; link)

Big Grips Frame

BigGripsFrame iPad Cases

This is another iPad case made especially for kids. According to their web site,   “It’s big, squishy, easy to grab, comfortable to hold, and very grip-able.”

($34.95 frame only and $49.95 frame and stand; link)


AddyCase iPad cases

This case specifically designed for toddlers. It has a button blocking feature to keep them in the app they are using and a handle for carrying.

($49; link)

A common complaint that many people have with cases designed with children in mind are that they are often cute but not very practical. The biggest disadvantage of these cases are that they could be too large and may create inconveniences. For instance, these big cases can make it difficult to carry the iPad with you (e.g. when you are traveling). Further, people complain that it is hard to get the iPad into the case and once it is inside, it is very hard to plug in or even use buttons.


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