Does iMessage use data plan?

iMessage is an instant messenger service for iOS 5. Via iMessage you can send texts, photos, videos, locations, and contact information using Wi-Fi or 3G. If you are an iPhone or iPad Wi-Fi + 3G user, you may wonder if you use iMessage through a 3G connection;  are you consuming data from your data plan?

The answer is yes. The idea was to save users money by turning their text messages into data usage. Interestingly, many users’ data plans include unlimited texting, but not unlimited data. However, if you are only sending texts (not photos and videos) through iMessage, not very much data will be consumed; probably, you’d not even notice.


  1. Laura says

    Verizon is out if control with all these plans service charges data charges, I been with verizon for years, and now I’m waiting till my contract is up and going to AT&T… My bills are out if control for 2 cell phones.

    • Jennifer says

      The fact that iMessage uses data is not a feature that Verizon came out with. iOS/Apple designed this feature back when the iOS platform came out.

    • Diane says

      Mine too love verizon but not all these stupid charges $150.00 per month for 2 phones w 10g. Yup. Nope. Allset

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