App not downloading / installing stuck on “Waiting…” or “Loading…”

For various reasons (e.g. Apple servers are down or you have connection problems etc), apps you are downloading from the App store may not be successfully installing or have installed incorrectly.

How to fix:

  • Tap the app that is not downloading / installing so that it says “Paused” and then tap that app icon again to see if it resumes downloading.
  • If the tip above does not work, launch App store and search and find the app you are having problem with (app that stuck on “waiting…”).  The app download button will say “install”. Tap install (reenter your Apple ID and password if you are prompted) to see if it resumes downloading.

App not downloading / installing stuck > App Store

  • If the tips above do not work, reboot the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until you see the “slide to power off”; follow the instructions and slide the button to power off the device. When your device is turned on, it will likely ask you for your Apple ID and password to resume the download.


  1. Stephanie says

    After an update to iOS6, I have two apps stuck in the “Installing” state and cannot clear or use them. I have tried the iPad reboot and also tried clearing settings, each to no avail. The apps seem to be frozen in the Install state. The suggestion to attempt to “pause” the app produces no change in status and going to the AppStore to re-install indicates a display state of “Installing” and so also fails to produce any changes to status or viable solutions. The two apps involved are (1) Calculator for iPad- Calc Pro HD Free v3.9.3 and (2) Alarm Clock HD – Free v1.6.1.

    Please help as I currently have two appa that are stuck in limbo and compleletly unaccessible and unusable.

  2. animous says

    Try to turn off your iOS6 device and wait thirty to 60 seconds then turn it on and the app struck in the installing stage should disapear because i had the same problem with my iOS6 device and the app wasnt there anymore.

  3. Connie says

    I cannot download apps or install new apps. I have rebooted and followed your recommendation but nothing works. I wish I had the original software back. I have had some problems with each update.


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