How to change the answers to the security questions for Apple ID?

You may want to change your Apple account’s security questions and answers for various reasons (e.g. you forgot the answers). You can change your answers provided when you signed up for your Apple ID. To do this, visit My Apple ID. Then click on the “Manage your account” link to log in to your account. Then select Password and security. You need to answer (and remember) your security questions in order to change your security questions.

However, if you forgot your answers (this may be the reason that you want to change your answers), there is an option for you to reset your security info. To do that click “Send reset security info email to (your email).” After clicking, Apple will send you an email explaining how to reset your Apple ID security questions and answers; simply follow the instructions.


    • Hello says

      I hate this I need help I can’t get mine craft I can’t do any thing I hate this SOOO much I want to squeeeze the life out of my I pod I am so mad now this is so ugh it is a yotal lie and I tyred all even Siri but not even she could help please help me.

      • says

        Same problem! I could find the button! And since I don’t live near a apple store, I had to schedule a call with them. I wish someone would tell me where the stupid button is!!

        • Nicole says

          equally pissed. try not asking such subjective questions! most companies ask questions that have a concrete answer. glad i just dropped several hundred dollars to them.

          • Nicole says

            i got lucky and managed to GUESS my answer. considering there were an infinite number of responses i am quite lucky. either way…there needs to be a better system than this.

        • Christina says

          The button doesn’t always show up…I’m having the same problem and i am furios. I called apple and tried everything, nothing has worked. Now I can’t buy anything with the gift cards on my account. If someone could help that would be appreciated.

        • Christina says

          The button doesn’t always show up…I’m having the same problem and i am furios. I called apple and tried everything, nothing has worked. Now I can’t buy anything with the gift cards on my account. If someone could help that would be awesome

    • John says

      So I figured it out…kind of. I had the same problem. I could remember my security questions and couldn’t change them and I didn’t have a link to send an email to reset them as Apple’s instructions instructed. The reason you don’t see the link is because you have never entered a “rescue email address”. Once you do that you will see the link they mention. I ended up going to itunes support on the Apple website and then drilling down through links and getting to where I could submit my name and phone number and then I got a phone call within seconds from Apple. Then I was talking to someone and I explained what I needed and they asked me a bunch of my security questions (that I didn’t remember). I think they wanted to see how close my answers were to what they had. Then they asked me other questions and finally they had me login and I was prompted to reset my security questions.

    • Your Mother says

      Yeah, the link at the bottom of the screen doesn’t exist. I made a new email as a rescue email, and even with that it didn’t show up. And I can’t call Apple Support because I don’t have a phone. I literally NEED to buy some apps, for school and stuff, but I can’t because I don’t remember my security questions. I really need help! Everything everyone is saying to do, I can’t do, and I’m pissed off. Apple really needs a better system…

  1. sjepson says

    ok really, lets put this into perspective. Apple is trying to keep our accounts secure, but in doing so are now preventing us from accessing said account. Don’t you think that some kind of backup plan should have been created before all this was set in stone. Now they have million of people who can’t buy anything because they don’t remember the answer they put down for a dumb security question (myself included)!!!!!
    Are you really going to try to tell me that we are all on our own now because apple didn’t think this through? Wonderful!

  2. Tim is Apple Junk says

    This is ridiculous there is no way to reset security questions. I even watched the you video of an Apple employee showing options screen by screen. Guess what my Account screen has no button for changing and/ or resetting by email my security questions. Lucky I can still access my account as I know the password and I can and have reset my password by email to see if this would help no dice. So now when I get kicked to security questions. I have to reset my password via email to get back in and again change my password. I have had this account for years and never set up security questions. I’m sure this is the real problem as we they recoded they probably didn’t notify existing account holders to set up security questions.

    • Ricardo Perez says

      My problem is that they might be sending the email to the wrong account, because its not showing on my account. It’s my only email account so…

  3. Jos says

    Is there a solution in the meantime? I have the same problem … there is no reset button anywhere for the security question!!! I have tried on 3 different machines now (iPad, Mac and Window’s PC).

  4. SylarSushiCat says

    I found a button but the email is not being sent to my email address. I’m thinking that it is not my email address at all that it is being sent to. What am I supposed to do about that?

  5. Helper says

    To get the button, you need to make a rescue email, but to do that you need to know your security answer questions! Ridiculous…

  6. Wes says

    So, I’ve clicked the link that says it will email it to my inbox, and now here’s the problem, IT DOESN’T APPEAR!!!, I am sorry for that outburst, it’s just that I’ve been at this for hours looking in all directions, and the sent e-mail is nowhere to be found… I have things i want to pay off before i start owing Apple… please help

      • Max says

        okay, so to get the reset button you need a rescue email, to get the rescue email you need the stupid security questions. You can get them by generating a temporary 4 digit support pin, but to do that you have to have an older computer. W.T.F.

    • Marianne says

      I can’t get the email either! I’ve hit the button 100 times and yet I’m not getting the email. I’ve waited days. wtf is going on

  7. RNK says

    Here is something else i found out,the problem i was having was my youngest could not purchase items from the itunes store even though she had a itunes card security questions would pop up which she never answered in the first place and i could not change.the problem was she was under 13 yrs old once i changed her birthdate to my birthdate the problem went away.we answered new security questions and have had no problems since.hope this helps.

  8. Zach says

    Fuck u apple go fuck ur self you fuckin better get this security question shit fixed because I had my account for years and I fuckin don’t remember my security question I’ve been trying to reset them so please fix these apple

  9. Nick says

    So I was having the same problem as you guys, I just got an iTunes card and wanted to download a book but it made me answer these security questions that I didn’t make.

    You need to reset the security questions but you have to call apple. Call this number: 1-800-275-2273. That number is for the United States. You’ll get a robot machine thing and once you speak to a real person tell them you need to reset your security questions.

    You’ll need the site: open. The person will tell you to sign into your account then click on the “password and security” option. The person will then tell you to click on a button that says “pin” and then click on generate pin. The person will ask you for the pin and give it to them. Then you’ll need to log out of your account and the person will reset some stuff, then log back in and you can now chose what to make your security questions.

    Hope this helps y’all!

    • Gary says

      This worked like a charm. Once I finally got to Toby in security he made the necessary changes. Thanks for providing the phone number.
      Somehow you need to find a way to get this out to everyone.

    • says

      The thing is I don’t want to have to call someone, I just want to be able to reset my question for home without having to go to an apple store or calling support, apple really is retarded…

    • Gary says

      And of course now the fucking thing is locked out. Well done Apple you have created an unfixable paradox. Cant get the security reset without knowing the answers WHICH HAVE BEEN LONG FORGOTTEN !!! WHY MUST YOU DO THIS ??


      • Lindsey says

        Call this number 1-800-275-2273 the Robot thing is Gonna ask u for the device say the device then it’s gonna ask for your PIN number, located on the back of your device then after that its gonna get connected to a human then just say your problem (:

  10. Mike says

    Just talked with Dave @ Apple in Portland. Walked me thru same problem you have all been having. Guy is an Apple Angel. Call him at 877-388-0879 x51284

  11. says

    To reset security questions you have to speak to Apple Care go to:
    Bottom left click on contact us and set up callback

    Or call 800 my iPhone

    You have to know your password

  12. Brea says

    My 14 year old daughter cannot remember what she put down for her answers and now she can’t buy songs apps movies nothing!!!! This is crazy!!

  13. Brea says

    My 14 year old daughter cannot remember what she put down for her answers and now she can’t buy songs, apps, movies,
    nothing!!!! This is crazy!!

    • Allison says

      If u sign into your account add a credit card sign out, and back in again then try to pay something instead of it asking u what ur questions are it will ask for the credit card number. Then it will work! (U can deflate the card from ur account after)

  14. Talia says

    pissed off what is this? i just want to reset my questions so that i can download music and games! is that so hard!? CAN SOMEBOSY HELP ME.??????????????????????? ajitated.

  15. mark says

    I have been locked out for over a month now. Apple said if you cant answer the questions there is nothing they can do. Now i have to file a lawsuit. They are holding my purchased songs hostage. That is theft. Unbelievable.

  16. MarkJ says

    I stopped buying music from Apple because of these Security Questions. Here’s how ridiculous this is. I opened a new iTunes account, bought a few songs. Went back the next day and Apple insisted I was using a different computer (which I wasn’t and I have a dedicated IP address) so enter the infamous security questions which of course I forgot.

    I call Apple and they can’t help me, too many failed login attempts. Huh? Support can’t override a lockout like that? Additionally, the Tier 1 Apple support operator wanted me to verify information that I never gave them to begin with! What was he going to verify it against?

    Hi Amazon I’m here to buy music….One click and the music is on my Desktop? Thank you!

  17. felicia says

    we dont remember answering any of the security questions so what i did was call them up. I told them the situation about never answering any questions. They told me since i verified the password to the account, and dont remember the security questions they told me to temporary put up a credit card number, expiration and security code up on the main itunes store account. I input that information int he payment method. He than pulled that information on his computer and told me to verify the credit card number, expiration date and security code. Than he told me to take that information off the account after we are done. He told me to enter this site ttps:// than logg into my account and than go to password and security and get the temporary pin (lower left hand corner). Told him the pin number and than he told me to logg off. Logg back on and than go to password and security and he reset the security questions for me and finally gotten to reset the whole security questions. I know about the credit card situation but its the only way to get back into your account. Took the credit card information off my account information after we reset the questions. Hopefully this helps everybody.

  18. BARON James Edward von Sydow says

    Yeh, don’t know what ATB is referring to when he/she indicates:

    [there is an option for you to reset your security info. To do that click “Send reset security info email to (your email).”]

    But, there is a way to stop the security BS questions. Make every answer the same set of characters, i.e., “Name of your home town?”; “What was your first job?”… Answer each and every question with something you’ll not forget like “hatethesequestions” or “whocares”. All they want to know at Apple, if/when the need you to tell them the answer, is how to EXACTLY type it in! The code cannot be written to check for “valid” answers.

  19. says

    Ummm… Please just tell me where I go and what I do in a step by step way. I can’t understand what you are saying! Help me please!

  20. says

    The only way you can reset your security questions is you have a backup email filled-in when you create your account.

    If you don’t have it, you won’t see a “reset security questions” option. If this is the case, you have to call apple! (ONLY WAY TO SOLVE THIS)

    They will ask your account info, apple device s/n and PIN in your account. It only takes 10 minutes to complete.

    Waste no more time to figure it out how to do it yourself.

  21. Asiah says

    Omg apple you fucking pissing me off. I can’t by anything because you can’t reset the damn security question THERE IS NO FUCKING RESET OR RESCUE OR WHATEVER TO SEND TO MY EMAIL . You need to get it together and fix this shit . What a waste of time and money!!!!

    • Lindsey says

      Call this number 1-800-275-2273 the Robot thing is Gonna ask u for the device say the device then it’s gonna ask for your PIN number, located on the back of your device then after that its gonna get connected to a human then just say your problem (:

      • Mudar says

        I am out side of USA (Qatar) and i forgot my security answers I did everything you have mentioned in usual process still i can not find from where we can reset security questions

  22. A Ryan says

    It’s kinda hard to remember passwords that never got set up by me to begin with. Apple seems to be like facebook–make decisions without consulting the user.

  23. Nathaniel says

    I forgot my security question answers and the email it sends request to is deactivated how do i change the email it sends to? I already redeemed an itunes code on that account

  24. Davy says


    When you first create an Apple ID, you get the option to add a rescue email but it is OPTIONAL. That’s why some people can reset their security questions on their own. If you don’t see the reset button, that means you did not create a rescue email to begin with.

    Once you forget your questions, you don’t get the option to set up a rescue email.

    In that case, you have to call Apple Support, they will help you reset your questions over the phone.

  25. James says

    Sickened by this, having to call Apple or arrange a call, got fedup and sold my Iphone and Ipad, will never buy Apple again due to this.

    This should have been a very simple fix for apple but they refused to make it simple and complicated it.

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