How to find / re-download your deleted App Store purchases

You may want to delete apps for various reasons (e.g. you do not have enough space). You can re-download your paid apps later without re-purchasing. To do this, launch the App Store, tap Purchased on iPad; tap Updates then Purchased on an iPhone or iPod Touch; processed to find the app you want to re-download. If you have a lot of apps, you can sort by app name and/or most recent. You can also view all apps that have been purchased or you can just view purchased apps that are not currently on the iPad. Then tap the download button.

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  1. Maryline says

    Help me I can’t download Ann app it sends me to a page of terms n conditions n send to my email it sends it but there’s no button that says agree):

  2. Mary solheim says

    I read that if you have stuck apps that you should delete and then reinstall. Mine will not let me delete them. All functional apps have the delete icon but not the problematic ones.

    • Smoo says

      Same here! I can delete functional apps, but the ones stuck during installing updates will not let me delete them. Neither will they open, so they are complete unusable. It all started when I allowed them to install updates.

    • sergiu says

      My solution was to reset the iPhone and after that the apps would continue their download. They would get stuck again eventually, but I will reset my iPhone every time until all apps are installed

  3. Sid Wyckoff says

    This might provide a clue. When I go to app store->update->purchased to re-install iBooks I see a cloud symbol where I would normally see an install button. Rather than downloading from an app store image you are trying to force an install from cloud backup. Since I was upgrading my product at the time of initial failure, there is no upgraded product for iCloud to send me.

    Testing on the customers again! We should get paid for it. -Sid

  4. Sid Wyckoff says

    The suggestions here did not help me. But I was able to recover iBooks from iTunes on my mac. I was again asked to update iBooks. It again went into a “waiting” status, but later finished. All seems to be well now, but I am not happy with a vendor (Apple iPhone apps) who won’t be honest when they are having the problem. I went to a lot of trouble on my device when the problem definition is that the app store was failing to talk to my device.
    -Sid Wyckoff

  5. Scott says

    I can no longer purchase apps after downloading i06. I click the app and the new terms and conditions box pops up. I agree to this. The actual terms and conditions language pops up and i agree to this. the next box says “Your session has timed out try again”. Anybody?

  6. Appleseed says

    Finding your app at the app store and downloading again seems to do the trick. I was having a problem loading on to an iPad mini and the free British Airways App got stuck and wouldn’t allow me to delete. The fresh download did the trick.
    Thanks all

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