iPad Frozen, not responding, how to fix

Is your iPad frozen? The iPad occasionally stops responding for various reasons. If you experience this, try these tips to resolve your issue:

Try restarting your iPad. To do this, simply press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until a red slider appears; then slide the slider. To turn back on, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.

If tip above does not work, try resetting your iPad. To do this, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time until you see the Apple logo.

If above tips do not work, the issue could be that the battery is fully depleted. Plug it into a wall outlet for a while and see if your battery holds a charge. Please note that it can take up to 20 minutes of charging before the iPad will start up.

If you are still having problems, try connecting the device to your computer and launch iTunes. Then select Restore.

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  1. Harb says

    Pressing button in the middle does nothing. When top sleep/walk pressed red slider screen appears. If I press cancel the screen goes blank. If red slider pressed iPad turns off. This is all that’s happening every time. Please help. iPad bought in jan 2013.

      • Caitlyn r says

        Nothing is working for me,it doesn’t show up on iTunes,doesn’t work when I charge it for more than an hour!!!! Help me please!!!!!

      • Caitlyn r says

        Nothing is working for me,it doesn’t show up on iTunes,doesn’t work when I charge it for more than an hour,and it doesn’t work when I hold the sleep/wake and home butting help me please!!! I bought this with my own money I don’t want to have to rebye it

    • says

      My ipad was working fine yesterday and all off a sudden It froze so I pressed the sleep home button and it wouldn’t respond what do I do?

  2. jsjdjx says

    My ipad.is not working I did loke yo said but it didn’t work each time i put in the charge it gives a blue light than its turns off again

    • walter pasifull says

      My ipad air was changed for a new one at your apple store in stratford last week
      but not it keeps going to a all red screen and switching off
      it then starts again then red screen again and off

  3. Tonya says

    my Ipad has a voice telling me that the curtain is down? what is this and how do I get it backup? all I have is a black screen and this voice? help please

  4. Jia says

    My iPad screen is black and when I press the turn on. Jetton it won’t turn on it is still black but when I hold the home button Siri comes up so it can’t be no battery I also tried holding the home and silent but it still did not work what do I do???

  5. says

    My iPad was not responding at all. I plug into computer and opened iTunes. My iPad was showing so I tried running update. I was then able to press the Wake button & home button at same time and it came on! All good now!

  6. Deepak says

    It’s simple! I was suffering from the same problem as well. But I myself found a good solution. Here it is….
    1) Connect Ipod/Ipad to Itunes on the computer.
    2) Go to Organize> Folder & Search Options> View> Show Hidden Files & Folders.
    3) Now open My Computer. Select your device and open it.
    4) Go to Ipod/Ipad_Control> Device>
    5) In Device folder you can see _Locked file. Just Delete it.
    6) Now Disconnect the device and Enjoy…

  7. Glenn says

    I was minimizing the screen shot and iPad 2 froze, both buttons do not respond. Fully charged battery, no black screen, only half minimized screen. Will not reset, no apple logo, no slide bar, do you have any suggestions, please?

  8. Moriah says

    I dont know what to do. When i go to turn on my ipad it lights up but the screen stays black. I have tryed all of these things but it doesnt work. I dont have an apple store near me either

  9. Vic says

    Thank you. My ipad froze up and I tried holding both buttons down as you suggested and it worked. Very grateful for the help.

  10. Taylor says

    My iPad won’t sence my touch, randomly it does this atleast 2 times a week, I’m getting very frustrated to the point I want to smash it to pieces with a hammer! Wtf do I do?! I’m loosing my patients!!!!!

  11. ashley says

    I tried to update a game and then it froze.Thank you so so so much. I had no clue what to do. It worked wonderfully. Will doing this hurt anything on the iPad?

  12. kwasib says

    I was using my iPad then it suddenly froze when then I pressed de sleep button then it turn black but when I press de home button siri answers what should I do

  13. Laura says

    I was using my iPad mini as it was charging (at about 68% charge) in the wall, left it for a few minutes, then when I went to use it again the screen was black, it was off. I left it charging hoping it would eventually come back on and it didn’t I tried turning it on using the button at the top – didn’t work. I tried resetting it by holding the home button and the power button at the top – didn’t work. I tried plugging it into my macbook, but it doesn’t show up in iTunes at all and still won’t respond when I try turning it on/resetting it. I’ve had this iPad mini for just over a year and have never had a problem with it. I use it almost daily. What is the problem? How do I fix this?

  14. Fatoumka says

    Hi all,
    I bought my Ipad Air 2 in January 2015. Last night i plugged it to charge, when i woke up this morning, the IPAD was completely dead! Black screen, inresponsive, wont turn on. I tried a different charger and plugged it to a different power socket, same result. Please advice.

  15. Evan Demos says

    Good tips. Thank you. I tried restarting (hold sleep/wake button) several times. No luck. I tried resetting (hold sleep/wake button and home button simultaneously). No luck. After reading your article, I decided to try resetting again, except this time I held and held and held the sleep/wake button and home button. It took almost thirty seconds, but the Apple logo finally showed up. I let it go. It took almost 60 seconds to restart. Some process must have been eating up all the processor’s time, but it seems to be working fine now. So, again, thanks.

  16. Mika Piirto says

    Iused iPad mini at evening. Put it into charger. In the morning it didnt start at all. Backside was warm like 50′ c. Battery dead? Battery life has been going down fast.

  17. says

    Thanks SERHAT KURT,

    I Try this tip:: If tip above does not work, try resetting your iPad. To do this, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time until you see the Apple logo.

    It worked.


  18. Brigit says

    My iPad has a white box on screen stating
    iCloud backup
    This iPad hadn’t been backed up in 27 weeks. Backups happen when this iPad is plugged in, locked, and connected to WIFI

    Now, my iPad is always connected to wifi, I always slide the lock as it asks when I plug it in .
    It will not let me shut the system down. I can’t do anything!!!!
    Can someone help me out?

  19. Ron says

    iPad won’t turn off hold both buttons it switches between home and search about every 10 seconds What can I do?

  20. Kayode says

    I had iPad (32GB) purchased from cousin. It was not reset when I purchased it. I later purchased iPad2 (64GB). I do serious work on it (iPad2) and don’t want my daughter messing things up, so I left her the iPad (32GB). It came to a head when the memory became full and I also could not upgrade the iOS. I could not delete my cousin’s pictures, music, films and games (because I don’t have his password). I gave it to him recently to reset. He did, but I haven’t been able to restart it. When I connected it to my PC (Lenovo Core 13), 3 ports out of 4 report that the USB malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it. The 4th port says nothing and the iTune logo and USB cable images remain on the iPad’s screen. I’ve tried all the combinations of HOME and RESET botton options, nothing works. Pls help.

  21. Joie says

    I was fully freaking out and going into panic attack mode! It wasn’t working, the regular stuff was not responding and then I tapped it on the back while it was upside down and pretwnded like I was taking a screen shot but holding both buttons down. IT CAME BACK ON! This was after a full day of not working! Thanks so much for the help!

  22. Swaby says

    I have tried these steps numerous times and did the update through iTunes. Now it just shows the apple on the screen and won’t restart. Occasionally if I do the hard reboot, the home screen will flash and then it disappears quickly and it is back to apple. I don’t want to do the restore with iTunes because I don’t want to lose my files. I have tried the update through iTunes and was very hopeful, but still no luck. Please help.

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