Storing and Syncing your Browser Bookmarks on your iPhone

If you own an iOS device or even just a smartphone, then it’s fair to conclude that you want a mobile workstation, or at least a way to access the internet on-the-go. More than the games, music, or other applications, you will find your iOS device’s value through its ability to access information that you want, whenever you want it.

The problem that a lot of people face with iOS devices, however, is the fact that two different devices can offer two wholly different experiences. When you use a mobile browser, you want to be able to access the same information that you find in the browser you normally use. The whole reason why you use bookmarks to mark the sites you need to visit is so that you can visit them without having to type the whole address all over again.

Here are two ways you can transfer your browser bookmarks from your computer to your iOS device:

1. Xmarks.

This application’s main purpose is to store bookmarks and other information you might want to use with other browsers, including mobile ones. Here’s how it works

  • Download the Xmarks extensionAvailable for commonly used browsers, this extension will let you create a profile which will then let you store and access your bookmarks in the cloud.
  • Download the Xmarks App. This app is downloadable free from the AppStore. Just search for “xmarks”. Once you have installed it, you can then access your profile and the bookmarks you saved.

What’s good about this app is that it really doesn’t matter which browser you use on your mobile device, as it will store your links. Xmarks also has the capability to store your passwords and, security issues aside, this can make for a very convenient app for internet use.

2. Chrome Mobile.

Google Chrome also has one important feature: syncing. When you use this browser on your computer, you can log into it with a Google account by clicking the wrench icon and clicking “sign in.”

Doing this will allow you to save your browser’s profile, including bookmarks and saved passwords, and then access them when you are using Chrome on another computer. The great thing about this is that the feature is also present in Chrome’s latest release: Chrome Mobile.

Chrome Mobile

This version, specially made for mobile devices, syncs your bookmarks and even your latest opened pages across all devices with your Google chrome account on them. Convenient, right? All you have to do is download Chrome mobile for free and sign in your Google account. To access your bookmarks, you can tap the star icon on the bottom of the new tab page, tap bookmarks and then tap desktop bookmarks and you’re there!

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