Can I delete an Apple ID?

Q: I would like to learn how to delete an Apple ID?

A: It is not possible to completely delete an Apple ID. What you can do is remove your personal information by logging into My Apple ID and abandon the Apple ID that you want to delete and use another account. If you purchased / downloaded apps or media miles using this old Apple ID, these files will remain connected to this Apple ID.



  1. e pluribus says

    I discovered you are also unable to remove a book written in iBooks Author, which they’ve refused to publish. It just sits there forever to remind you it was a bad idea in the first place.

    It’s a true story.

  2. NT says

    What Apple is doing is completely illegal. No company can force you to keep an account with them, as it contains your personal information, including a form of billing and payment. If Apple refuses to delete your Apple ID account, simply send a nice letter to your state attorney general’s office. The law does not make an exception for Apple. Apple can not continue to bully people into doing things “their” way.

  3. Droid Kilz Apple says

    I just tried to delete my account…oh well card they had on file is expired anyway. I moved to a Galaxy Note 2 = rooted and customed rom…thats true freedom!

  4. Hovnagelnestamariastoda says

    That is illegal and not fair we shall sue the i was thinking of making an account but it useless if i can delete it i am apple id less

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