Can’t delete photos from iPad; delete button will not work

Many users have reported that the red delete button sometimes does not appear leaving them unable to delete photos from their iPad.

Please note that some photos cannot be deleted from the iPad. Only photos taken with the iPad camera, saved from emails/websites, etc. can be deleted directly from iPad. Photos that were synced with iTunes from a computer must be deleted via syncing. To delete these photos, you need to deselect the unwanted images via iTunes and sync again.


  1. phill says

    However! even when the red delete button does appear it doesn’t work. This is on an iPad (latest) that is stand alone, not synched with anything apart from iCloud. So all the pics are via email directly to the iPad. In photos you can select edit (the red delete button appears) then tick the pics you want delete, all good so far but then tap the delete button and nothing happens…please explain? I have restarted the iPad etc. etc!

  2. Barry says

    That’s pure BS. That crap Apple calls iTunes is pure garbage. I never use it and I still have photos that I can’t delete. I used the other Apple junk the camera connection adapter and the photos will not delete. Hey Apple the worlds greatest salesman is dead. Now fix your crap.

  3. Apple ka baap says

    What this aploo wanted to do by creating such an idiot method for photo removal.wen every technology is trying to make life simpler n better then why were the apple bosses ichting their asshole to simply delete a photo.just to create a difference from others?such a donkey fuckers they r?

  4. Bernard says

    I had gone thru that nightmare and had a hard time with that bloody iTune … download Syncios and everything will be solved for iPad/iPhone and it’s free …

  5. Caroline says

    I have the same problem as all of you. I cannot delete photos from iPad to get more memory space. I tab the red delete button and nothing happens. I did not download pics from email, pc, or anything else. I used the apple adapter to transfer photos directly from my camera to iPad. I was able to delete photos before, but now, I can’t this is BS!

  6. Jackie says

    I have exactly the same problem as Caroline – does anyone have the answer? I don’t even get the delete option and this for photos transferred directly using the apple adaptor

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