How to listen YouTube while using other apps on iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

This simple tip explains how to listen YouTube while not actively viewing the YouTube app on your iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch). This allows you to listen to music from YouTube while using your device to perform other tasks such as surfing the web, creating notes or reading books. By default when you exit the YouTube app, the sound stops as well. Here is how you can listen to YouTube or any other video, audio in the background:

  1. Launch YouTube app and find your media files to listen to  OR simply launch your web browser and launch YouTube by visiting (web YouTube works now without opening the YouTube app).
  2. Start listening your desired file.
  3. Double tap the home button.
  4. Slide it to the left and press PLAY.
  5. Proceed to use your device as normal.

Play YouTube videos in the backgorund


  1. rickard says

    it seems that the new 6.1 update has blocked this for some reason. I have tried on multiple iPhones running 6.1 . WHYYYYYYYYYY!

    • Jessie says

      Zzz I think so cuz u know I tried but it works but only when I’m safari not on other apps anymore! It used to work. Help!!! >_<

  2. Kay says

    you guys should download play tube same thing as you tube exept it lets you play it while not on the app . I had the same issue aswell.

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