No sound after iOS update on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Several users have reported that the speaker stopped working after upgrading to the latest iOS software. Users have reported that they have no sound. For instance, Apps do not have any sound, there is no ringing sound, Siri is mute while it works, etc., while Mute switch is NOT on.

Possible fixes:

  • Make sure that your phone is not set to silent or vibrate mode.
  • Turn off Bluetooth to see if this will fix your issue: Settings > General > Bluetooth
  • Some users have reported that changing the accessibility of Mono Audio to “On” fixed their problem (Settings > General > Accessibility).
  • For iPad, tap Settings > General and change the Lock Switch function from Rotate to Mute. Then, using the side switch, turn mute off and then on again.
  • Your device may be stuck in dock connector mode because of some debris or dirt. Clean the docking area using a toothbrush or a hair dryer (see this article)
  • Restart your device.
  • Reset all settings by tapping General > Settings
  • Complete a hard reset your iPad/iPhone or iPod. See this article for more info. You may have to do this more than once.
  • If nothing works, you may have to rest and restore your device.


  1. E Ski says


    (actually I had sound, but one app* not at all, ever)

    Who’d a thought toggling BT and mono would bring it back???

    *Reference is to France 24 news app that I loved on iPhone but would never get audio on iPad (gen 2, iOS 5). After resets, mute unlocking, full restore, this app would never have sound (yet does on my iPhone).
    After doing the above #2 and #3, BINGO, sound on that app!

  2. says

    27.9.2012 just spent THE most frustrating three hours ever because after updating to IOS 6 I lost sound completely on my iPad. My volume control button disappeared from iTunes, videos, podcasts: in fact, everywhere sound is required. Sound available on headphones, Apple TV and docking connection but no field showing for iPad. Eventually I solved the problem. Connected iPad to docking station and suddenly music came out of the iPad and the volume control button had reappeared along with the iPad option in the Airplay box. I immediately disconnected the docking stand whilst music was playing and now all is well. I hope this helps someone out there who may be feeling just as frustrated as I was.

  3. Mary says

    The only thing that worked for me on this list was to switch my iPhone off silent/vibrate mode. But it did work!

    Now I just have to remember to switch back to silent mode after listening to video, so my phone doesn’t ring loudly and unexpectedly.

  4. Bob says

    Me and my wife have tried all of these solution attempts without success. I’ve read that many of those solutions were only temporary fixes anyhow but they weren’t even temporary for us. And things like, dust in the dock connector; what are the chances that me and my wife both update our iPhones at different times and upon completion of update, during the sync dirt got into the connector? This is a HUGE  problem that many many users are currently experiencing to date, yet somehow Apple has successfully covered up this issue. I hate to say it but I hope apple’s competitors get their hands on this info and use it against them in marketing. I for one am about to switch out of shear frustration and the fact that apple has turned their backs on so many loyal customers. I mean, the newest update to iOS 6 didn’t fix the problem. That is unfortunate. Bottom line: me and my wife have been without sound since the iOS update on our very expensive iPhones and Apple is turning a blind eye and pretending it doesn’t exist. It’s alarming to see how something of this magnitude can be so easily brushed under the rug. 

  5. Kathy says

    I agree with BOB – I AM PISSED and Apple you are not the company I thought you were. If Steve Jobs were alive – heads would roll. Screw this, I’m going with the Samsung Galazy. It’s ashame Apple has followed the footsteps of the majority of other American companies – “JUST DON”T GIVE A DAMN” Well the Japanese get my business yet again!

  6. Devi waran says

    Im having the same problem. I have tried all the steps but nothing works. Apple should look into this matter seriously.a big company like Apple should have solutions for every setbacks. Please fix this before you loose your customers!

  7. Umar Khan says

    My sound is gone for good. The “Geniuses” at Apple tell me that it is a hardware issue even though my sound disappeared immediately after the iOS 7 update to my third-generation iPad. Their “fix” was for me to buy a new iPad. I even asked them to roll back my software to iOS 6, which they refused to do. Out of curiosity…how many of you with sound issues purchased the AppleCare Plan with your device? I didn’t. Are they targeting people who did not buy the care plan? Just curious. At any rate, Apple is a polished turd, and I don’t think I will buy another Apple device.

  8. Laura mohajerin says

    I am so sick of problems with ipad and ipod. So glad that my computer isNOT apple
    Updated ipad and now no sound. I am so angry

  9. Mapochia says

    Extremely erratic sound since I downloaded latest update. Face time doesn,t ring, and complete silence if I leave my iPad in standby. I’ve no idea what to do…am 67.

  10. B says

    I had encountered the same audio problem after updating to the latest OS. After the OS update no sounds /beeps, audio, et all. I used the set audio/mute to lock button then turned wifi off/then on again and restarted the ipad (device I have). Audio is back and functioning properly. I think you only need lock step and turn device off and on for it to work properly.

    • C says

      Mine didn’t work with those steps. I had to turn off Bluetooth. No idea why it was on in the first place. I never use it on my iPad

  11. Linda Ferro says

    I have tried all you suggestions and nothing is helping. I waited a long time to update because this has happened any times before. Now what???

  12. C says

    I HATE updates to the software. SERIOUSLY???!!!! I have tried MANY things that would be logical, mute, settings, sound, etc.

    what fixed the issue on my iPad? Turning off Bluetooth!!!!! How stupid is that? How are they related???? GAH!!!!!

    I knew there was a reason I didn’t do updates!!!

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