Apps are stuck updating / downloading after iOS 6 update on the iPhone or iPad

Several users have reported that they are unable to update/download apps after successfully updating to iOS 6 on the iPad, iPod or iPhone.

To fix this problem:

1-Delete the apps that are frozen, stuck, or not updating.

2-Go to the App Store, find the same app(s) and re-download and install. Please see this article for more info.

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  1. says

    I just clicked on an app that was frozen and had given me a notification to say it couldnt download at this time. clicking individually to restart and they continued to download. There was no need to delete and reinstall mine.

    • Carlos says

      In my case when I click on the app there is no message and also there’s no option for deleting. The “x” is gone on the apps that are stucked on the updating :(

      • Daniel Yaw says

        what i did was to reset my ipad, deleting all contents and settings. but before that i had sync with my computer or icloud. after resetting, i simply sync with my ipad and everything is ok. from now on, do not update your apps via ipad nor download any apps via ipad. however, if you do so via itunes in your computer, it can be synced with your ipad without any prob. we are all still waiting for apple to quick come out with a patch for ios6.

        • Niels says

          I reset the phone and the app resumed installing.. I had no probs downloading but every other app would freeze on install.. Hold home button and standby button in together untill black screen.. 4s phone will automatically restart

      • Cody says

        This is the same with my ipad2, i can’t delete them, orrestart them. Please make a patch to repair this. Also, why is the youtube ap gone, come on!

      • Dan says

        I had the same problem. The solution for me was to power off and power on again, the game did delete itself but was dowloadable again!

    • prasanna says

      Hey guys,
      Just activated my iphone 5 last night and having a great time with it so far. After all my apps installed and my phone was ready to party, I noticed something wrong with the app store.

      My apps will not download if I have wifi turned on. I can purchase and install something over 4G, but if wifi is turned on the app sits there at waiting. This means I can’t download the bigger games to my device because they require wifi to download. Any body know a fix for this?

      I already tried restarting my phone and stuff, btw.

      • Greg says

        Hi prasanna, I have the exact problem you’ve listed here. Did you figure out a fix for this problem? (I’ve read things like updating the DNS to, and other things). Did you find something that worked for you?

    • Jessica says

      I have an iPhone 5. I got a notification saying I had to update 4 apps but now they jus say waiting. I’ve tried resetting phone a number of times and also syncing it to computer but nothing has helped. Any help would b appreciated. iTunes seems to b working as I purchased a song a minute ago

      • Navreet says

        I would appreciate some help on this very topic, it is the exact thing happening to me. Have you tried restoring your backup? I am doing that right now, wish me luck.

  2. BH says

    Since I’ve ‘upgraded’ to IOS6 I’m unable to update my apps. When I click on update nothing happens. I’ve tried to remove an app and then re-install – this also does not work.
    I wonder about the standards of Apple now … why don’t they offer a solution to problems like this rather than all their users having to search the internet for solutions. Not the Apple I used to know!

    • Terry Grosvenor says

      I spent 4 hours today trying all of the suggestions online for my similar problem—no way to delete or reinstall 19 apps on my IPAD2 since IOS6 update. Apple’s response: “You would have to pay $300.00 over the next 3months for Apple to spend 20 minutes installing software to fix the problem!!!!!” What do you all think about that????

  3. Zack says

    I’ve also tried to delete the apps that are stuck waiting and redownload them. It hasn’t worked, and I’ve tried it with several apps several different times.

    • bluecollar says

      No. Don’t do it. Not now. Let Apple get their heads out of their asses first. I’m pretty much thinking they don’t deserve any more patronage from me.

  4. CongressDJ says

    I’m having this exact problem on my iPhone 5. Apps were installing fine. Now they just say “waiting”. I delete, reboot, reinstall, and they continue to wait.

    Also of note, these very same apps that will not reinstall, once I’ve deleted them… They don’t show up in the app store with the button that says “free”. The button says “install”. That’s different from any other App in the App Store regardless of whether or not the app is still on my phone or not.

    • Donna says

      Thank you CongressDJ!!
      Like the others this was my problem as well. Seems a “free” Christmas album I received had hung on the first song but as soon as I tapped it in iTunes to get it downloading again, that started clearing my app updates backlog. Thx heaps!

  5. CongressDJ says

    I was able to fix this problem for myself. If you going to the iTunes app on your phone, and hit the “more” tab, You’ll see a list of your downloads. What I noticed, was that I was downloading several hundred songs to my new device via iTunes match – which I use on my phone for my music. One of the songs was hanging, and wasn’t letting anything else on the phone download from iTunes including the other 700+ songs and the apps that I had recently selected to update. Once I deleted the one song that was causing everything to hang, everything else downloaded perfectly As it should, including the apps.

    So, the key elements for me were: I have a new device. I use iTunes match. I was updating the thousands of songs onto my phone via iTunes match. Some of the songs, while downloading from iTunes match, seem to hang. Clearing the hanging songs freed up the rest of the downloads.

  6. Susan says

    I can not do anything, the iPod freezes on the apple screen and the ping sounds goes every fifteen seconds as if it has booted up. But the screen is still black with the apple. What can I do

  7. HanaMc says

    I have the same problem .. I update the IOS 06 for the IPad .. Then when I’m trying to update app’s it says your account is not valid for use in Saudi Arabia store, you must switch to U.S, store before purchasing !!
    Help please :c

    • Annoyed says

      I am having the same problem as you except mine says..Your account is not valid for use in the U.S store. You must switch to the Australian store before purchasing.
      How do i fix this??
      (Using Ipod touch 4th Gen with IOS 6)

      • Annoyed says

        I ended up fixing it:
        Go to the itunes store app on your ipad/iphone/ipod and scroll to the bottom until you see your email and click on it. Then click on the option view your apple id and it should switch to your apple store automatically.
        Hope this helps.

  8. Dries says

    Hi there

    I had the same problem with the appstore app updates freezing in ios 6. My solution to fix it:

    I closed all apps running in the background (dubble click home button, press/hold app icon, press close button). Be sure to also close the appstore app itself. Then everything did update the way it should…

    Hope this works for you people too!

  9. John says

    IOS6 for the IPAD is too buggy to download. I have all the same problems installing apps and the suggested solutions don’t work. Also some apps now have no sound at all.

    Hope Apple fixes pronto.

  10. Be a Teacher says

    I’m having the same problem with updates freezing after upgrading my iPhone4 to ios6. Maybe this is a master scheme to get me to upgrade the phone :)

  11. Robert RS. Brumwell says

    Having downloaded 06 to my new iPad, I can no longer access You Tube and many video clips that I downloaded, plays for a short time and the sound is lost. The videos also freezes!

    I could not access iTunes with my iPad until I upgraded iTunes but was unable to recover 05!!

    Any advice given that will enable me to revert to 05, I presume that I would need to remove the latest up date to iTunes as well,will be truly appreciated.

  12. Dustin says

    Was having the same issue as most here are. I had to close any apps running in the background (except the stuck apps, as mentioned, you cannot close them), and then attempt to launch each app that was stuck individually, which got them to download and install properly. Seems this method manually triggers the app to download the update it was waiting on.

  13. Rodel says

    My problem is the same on iOS 6 updating apps, the message “waiting” as it freezes for several days and cannot be delete, Apple people do something about it………..

  14. carl says

    I have the New IPad and had exactly the same problem after updating to IOS 6 . Under whelmed… I double clicked home button, held the first app button and got the Minus sign. I closed all of the Apps in the bottom toolbar and updated them through ITunes .. not an auspicious start to IOS 6.

    I have in my house 5 Ipods of various ages, 4 IPhones , 3 ipads and a mackbook pro so I guess you could say I am an apple fan but seriously considering replacing the IPhone 3GS for non apple as the Iphone 5 is nothing more than a taller 4S – not worth the wait and getting disenchanted with Apple . cant say i am impressed with the reviews of Mountain lion either … whats going on at Apple ?

  15. Hans says

    I could download the apps and update the apps. I have the problem that when i open ANY app on my phone including email and safari that it closes down after 10-30 seconds while i am working in the app. Every app is doing this since i installed iOS 6.

    What might be the problem?

  16. Sasha says

    I had this update freezing in “waiting” state too. I guess here is how it happens: unlike iOS5 this new iOS6 doesn’t allow multiple app downloads. So when you press “update all” for example they start downloading one by one with each app waiting till the previous one starts installing. So some apps (or songs) do really freeze, and when they do, everything after them freezes, since they are waiting for the first one to download. Ater installing iOS6 i successfully downloaded many apps, and then one got stuck and i could no longer download anything afterwards. Solution was:
    1. Closed all apps running
    2. Reboot the device
    3. After reboot iOS said “was unable to purchase “NAME OF THE APP” and X other items, try again later”. This is how i found which app was the first one to freeze.
    4. Deleted this exact app and everyting else updated just fine.

    Greetings from Russia, hope Apple fix this soon))

  17. Nicola says

    Hi. I have just downloaded the new ios6 to my iPhone 4, but pretty much all of my icons are now missing. I can see them in the apps store with my data on there, but how do I restore them?

  18. Ram says

    I found a solution for this..

    U need not want to delete and re-install those apps.

    If an app strucks while updating, tap “Done” in the Alert msg displayed, then

    Goto AppStore -> Then Update Tab -> Tap the icon of the app to get into the Details page of the app -> Tap the icon there again -> U ll b directed to that app in your device -> Tap the icon again -> U can see the network activity indicator animating at the StatusBar and the App Name ll b changed to “Waiting” and then “Downloading”.

    Ur App will start downloading.

    Do this for all apps one by one.


    • Thundyr Myah says

      Bless your heart!!! That worked!!! You are a genius. This has been driving me nuts for weeks!!!! I can’t thank you enough!!!

  19. Haneef says

    Dear all
    Recently I’ve update my mob with your new iOS 6.after updating the software I’m unable to purchase any apple applications.when I click the application it show blank screen.previous way of browsing the application was much more better.furthermore when I need to check an application (reviews and brief of the application)it doesn’t show any thing at all.kindly help me.

  20. Haneef says

    Recently I’ve update my mob with your new iOS 6.after updating the software I’m unable to purchase any apple applications.when I click the application it show blank screen.previous way of browsing the application was much more better.furthermore when I need to check an application (reviews and brief of the application)it doesn’t show any thing at all.kindly help me.

  21. says

    Hi I found this issue occurred when I told the App Store to update everything at once. To fix, turn off wifi, restart your iOS device and upon restart the device. It will then tell you it cannot complete your purchase. Simply go into the App Store again and update your apps one at a time. It should work then. Cheers, Tory Idiotboxradio

  22. Al says

    Hi, I have a different problem since I installed IOS 6 on my 3GS. When I try and install an app, I’m asked for my apple id, and after I enter that it looks like it’s installing but nothing happens. In order to get new apps now I have to download them onto my PC and then sync with the phone. Anyone else experienced this, or any ideas how to fix it?

  23. Teju says

    After I updated my iPad with IOS6 I haven’t been able to download any free apps. It says ” cannot connect, to iTunes Store”. Pls help

  24. Teju says

    Hi. After updating to ios6 on my iPad, am not able to download any free apps. The message comes as cannot connect to iTunes Store. Please help. Am using a 2g sim.

  25. Edmanep says

    Problem is, the apps weren’t even showing up, just number balloon on icon telling me how many needed updating.


    In case anyone else ever has the problem (and lots and lots on the interwebs *are*), in App Store i selected a category, hit “see all” and went all the way to bottom, clicked on my appleID (directly beneath “redeem”; on next page, I clicked on my ID and typed the password in (twice).

  26. Jill says

    I am having the same issues after the upgrade but I can’t access anything apple including their web site on anybif my many apple devices. I am also unable to download books from Overdrive. Surprisingly when I took my devices to work they worked there but not at home on my wifi which is where I had upgraded from.
    I have an an apple user from the onset but never ever have seen this before! Please help. I tried resetting my network and logging out of my iTunes account. I can only type this because I am using my 3G network rather than my wifi. By the way I can use my wifi for non-apple related sites. Weird!

  27. Hi! says

    This worked fo me:

    Sign in to iTunes and sync your device. After its finished syncing, the app that was stuck on updating is now finished.

  28. Eric says

    Found out that my updates were waiting because last night I started downloading a large playlist from iTunes Match and for some reason it was stuck on a song. So before you delete your apps, check the Downloads tab in the iTunes app, it seems apps wait for your music/videos/podcasts to download.

  29. Elizabeth says

    I also had this issue with my new iPhone 5. I followed the advice to look @ my music sync downloads and see if they were paused and therefore causing my apps to look frozen in the “waiting” stage. This indeed was the problem. I went to iTunes -> updates -> purchased -> and touched the paused songs to begin syncing them again. It took overnight, but once they were all downloaded, my apps installed correctly. Hope this helps someone else!

  30. says

    One more thing to try:

    Open iTunes -> Downloads

    Look for songs/movies that are stuck downloading. Pause them, and apps should start installing again.

  31. says


    Solution is easy: you probably have a sync from your computer in process vs. an icloud one.

    Plug your phone to you mac/Computer, go in settings>General>iTunes Wi-Fi Sync

    Launch a back-up and that will resume the updates.


  32. Greg says

    I just went to the app that was stuck. Clicked it as if I’m opening it, and the download starts over. I also noticed this problem if I had a song that was downloading and it got stuck, then my updates would fail and appear frozen. Check both spots and you should be ok.

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