iOS 6: iTunes Match not working, fix

Several users have reported that iTunes Mach is not working, meaning iTunes Match is not loading any music after updating to iOS 6. Users have also reported that when they launch iTunes Match, it says loading, but nothing happens (blank main screen and a picture of a cloud).


An Apple forum user suggested this, which seems to have fixed this issue:

1. Download and install iExplorer

2. Plug in device first, then open iExplorer

3. Delete the iPhone\Media\iTunes_Control folder (you may want to copy this, just in case)

4. Restart the iPhone / iPad

5. Turn on iTunes Match in settings.

6. Start Music app


How to setup and use iTunes Match [GUIDE]


  1. robert Buttrey says

    I tried the proposed fix to the passbook problem and it did not work. I turned off the auto date/time and set the year to 2013, but still got the message “Cannot conect to iTunes Store”.

    When will this app be properly fixed?

  2. Jason Seward says

    I couldn’t get this to work with iExplorer. iExplorer kept throwing an error message and wouldn’t open correctly. I was however able to complete the same steps with iFunbox. Worked like a charm

  3. SteveR says

    I initially downloaded iExplorer – however when it requested £22 for a license, I decided to follow the instructions using i-funbox. I followed the instructions and everything worked fine. Many thanks for the advice – great to get my music back :-)

  4. Jim M says

    Good call out on the solve and an alternate solution. I did correct this problem but with the i-FunBox program.

    iExplorer is looking for a license to unlock the full feature set. It runs in Demo mode until you provide a code. You can access the folder and 3 files as mentioned below but couldn’t remove the files at least on my Win7 system using iExplorer. The alternative suggestion from Jason around trying i-funbox worked like a champ at no cost. If you want to try this option see below:

    1) Connect your iphone to your computer.

    2) Download i-funbox at

    3) Launch i-Funbox

    (Using the left side navigation of i-FunBox classic)

    Open the iTunes folder by navigating the tree below:

    Connected Devices
    -iPhone (whatever your phone is named)
    –Raw File System
    —iTunes_Control [folder]
    —-iTunes [folder]

    (4) Copy the 3 files listed below to your desktop (as a backup)


    (5) Delete the same 3 files listed above in the iTunes folder

    (6) Disconnect and reboot your iphone

    (7) Ensure “iTunes Match” is ON in iPhone /Settings/Music

    (8) Start Music App

    (9) Assuming iTunes Match is working correctly again you can remove the 3 files noted above on your desktop since they are no longer needed.

    iFunbox also solved a nasty duplication problem that was listing ghost songs with no data and without the proper number sequence. Once these 3 files were removed and written over on the reboot (as noted above) my songs (10,000+) and playlists came up quickly, in order with no ghost duplications.

    Thanks for posting feedback and experiences here folks. It makes using iTunes Match on the train a good time once again. I hope your results are the same as mine.

    (iphone 4) Win7

  5. Monica Jansen says

    i tried everything, but i do not have itunes match ability on my ipad, and when itunes syncing videos to ipad, it is empty files that show up in the ipad. im from Norway.

  6. PixelFixer says

    This worked great. Tried forever and many different things to get my iPhone4s to work with match. My iPad worked fine from day one. Worth every penny to buy this app.

  7. Chenjun says

    can i ask, i downloaded the ios.6 but they restart my phone n gave me sign asking me to put my charger connected to itunes, but after i connected to itunes, it gave me a notice to restore my phone but i restored it 2 times in itunes but my phone still gave me the sign to connect to itunes, but i already connected, what to do???? now i can’t on my phone :'<

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