iOS6: Messages (iMessage) not working, How to fix

Several users have reported that iMessage has stopped working, meaning they are unable to send or receive messages after they upgraded their devices (iPad, iPhone or iPod) to iOS 6. Users are also reporting “Not Delivered!” errors in Messages. Here is how to troubleshoot your issue, please try each step until you fix your problem:

  1. Make sure that Messages is tuned on (Settings > Messages > iMessage).
  2. Tap Settings > Messages and turn iMessage off and back on again.
  3. Make sure that your Apple ID or phone number is listed in Settings > Messages > Send & Receive.
  4. Restart your device by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button, then toggle the “slide to power off” slide. To turn the device back on, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.
  5. If nothing above works, try changing your DNS settings as described here.

Note: Your iPhone/iPad or iPod must have a valid cellular or Wi-Fi connection.



  1. Rosemary says

    None of these things worked for me. I read on a few forums that it’s an issue between the iMessage and Comcast wifi (router/port/gateway blocks it- I don’t quite understand). As soon as I disconnect from my Comcast home wifi the iMessage pictures send perfectly. I spoke to both Apple and Comcast and they couldn’t help me. I don’t know what to do and I’m not paying to fix Apple’s mistake.

  2. paige says

    none of this has worked for me.

    ever since i have upgraded to ios6 everything has gone down hill. My friends are also having the same problem i do.

  3. Richard Horsley says

    Check your iPhone iMessage settings – check the option where conversations can be started from. Plus all of the above. Frustration is I used to think Apple had no glitches compared to windows!

  4. Sonja says

    Send and recieve iMessage activation cannot add email address. This is the message on wifi ipad. I am trying to add cell number. Send and receive has my email address listed. iPhone 5 has 2 addresses listed in send and receive;email and cell number.

  5. Kristina says

    I put a very very very long message to my friend and once i pushed send i went back to home screen and then went but on imessages but the messgaes is not showing what do I do (ipod touch)

  6. Paulo Amorim says

    I have the ipad 4 with IOS 6.0.1, and nether the imessage or facetime works. When i go to settings i don’t even have the option to put it on/off.
    Is it a bug from this IOS? or i have to change something, ive tried a lot.

  7. Paulo Amorim says

    I have the ipad 4 with IOS 6.0.1, and nether the imessage or facetime works. When i go to settings i don’t even have the option to put it on/off.
    Is it a bug from this IOS? or i have to change something, ive tried a lot.

  8. Diane says

    I recieved a long message on iMessage and te notification is there but the app itself won’t load. I tried restarting my iPod but nothing seems so be working. What should I do?

  9. Lara says

    When I click the iMessage button it stays on it for a minute and then goes back to my home screen. And I have an iPod touch.

  10. Charlie says

    Ok I tried the above with no success. However, when I went to settings > messages > send & receive > Apple ID > Change location. It worked after I reset it to UK.

  11. Rhedd says

    My New Ipad (3) and Iphone 4S had imessage working fine. But when i changed the password of my apple id, the imessage on the IPAD wont work but on the iphone it was still ok.

    Is there a fix to this problem?

  12. Hert says

    I updated to iOS 6.0.1 today. I’ve tried everything and nothing makes iMessage work! It activates, but as soon as I hit the send button it says “Not delivered”

  13. Mary says

    I’m unable to send an iMessage on my iPad without attaching a photo…have iPad 3 just updated to iOS 6.0.1. Any suggestions?

  14. Engle W says

    Hey there,

    I sent an imessage to my bf, the bar above was pushed through but it did not show ‘delivered’ under my message neither ‘not delivered’. My wifi is working fine.
    I had sent a voice memo a day ago, and then disconnected the wifi after it was pushed through and that was when it started not showing under-text-notifications.
    His cell was on the whole day and said he couldn’t send messages to me.

    I have tried turning imessage off, rebooting my ipod, resetting the country on my apple ID as well as resetting wifi settings, none of these worked.
    Perhaps it’s a problem in network transit? Not being able to send the messages after the voice memo since its somehow ‘stuck’?

    I would be glad if someone offered further suggestions on resolving issues like this.
    Many thanks.

  15. Aaron says

    Apple, get your shit together. You services really sucks. Actually fix the main problems and stop bragging about the unnecessary “bug” fixes in the updates. You fix bugs that are easily tolerated but not the ones that stop people from what they are doing.

  16. Michael says

    How can such a major issue take place for so long without Apple finding a solution. I bought the IPad mini to I’ve Apple a fair shake and it has me wanting to run from Apple as quickly as possible!

  17. Sabrina says

    I have the same problem. And it’s only to my boyfriend, anyone else i can send them perfect and get the under-text-notifications. But when I text him, it takes like 15 minutes to half an hour from the message to be delivered. Wish someone could tell me what the problem is. Really frustrating.

  18. Peter says

    My iMessage was down for a week when on Wifi or Sprint. I thought it was because I did not install the latest iOS update but I updated that Friday and it still didn’t work. Then I blamed Sprint. Haha. Luckily I googled ‘iMessage not working on Wifi’ and found this article. Following the steps fixed it for me. Thanks!!

  19. Brahr002 says

    I have 6.1.3 is and my iMessage and FaceTime isn’t working, the iMessage starts sending than half way through says failed. I can’t receive iMessage or face time either! Go can I fix this stupid annoying problem!?

  20. says

    I have iphone4 and “did” enjoy using it, until the latest OS 7 update. I wish apple would allow users, a peek preview of an upcoming update and let the customer decide whether they it or not. the latest update has only made things worse. I messaging, voice mail, etc. I’m now a very unhappy Apple customer

  21. Paulo says

    I dont understand why the IOS7 was released to iphone4 if its not optimized for this phone. Maybe to make people desire the iphone5, but for me is different, just makes me want to buy something that is not iphone. At least we should be able to downgrade from IOS7 to IOS6, so we can actually use our phone.

  22. Geri N says

    Worst phone ever. I use no apps but each long text comes back with “message failed to send” and yet the bill is over limit every month. Wish I had stayed with HTC. I detest this phone. So expensive with no service. Absolutely disgraceful & so disappointing, but a goldmine for Apple so not their problem.

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