Black or Blank Screen on iPad or iPhone

Several users have reported that their iPhone or iPad screen turns into an “illuminated” black color or goes blank while the device is on and working. Several users have also reported that this problem started after the iOS 6 update.

There are many possible causes for this. For instance:

  • It may be a battery related issue. Just connect your device to a power outlet and wait several minutes.
  • Some particular apps may be causing the problem. Try completely closing all apps and restarting your device.
  • This problem may occur if your device is operated under extreme temperature conditions (like being too hot). Simply place your device in a cool area for several hours to let your device to cool down.
  • Try performing a simple restart of your device (press and hold the sleep/wake button until you see the “slide to power off). If this still does not resolve your issue, try to reset by holding the sleep/wake button and home button together for at least ten seconds (ignore the red slider).
  • Last resort: Restore your device in iTunes by connecting your device to your computer.

If you are still having this problem, contact Apple Support.



    • Alex says

      Now if my screen is blank or black, how am I going to be able to shutdown apps I cannot see, or guess where to swipe to turn it off??

    • gautam says

      The on/off button and home button simultaneous press and hold woke up the ipad after a complete black screen for three days. Was about to do the kneebang technique but came across this maneuver and it worked.

      • Grexa says

        I thought it was a goodbye for this ipad air i was so nervous because this is not mine its my boyfriend’s tab. I become so desperate back then but not too brave to do the kneebaging technique then i try this i hold the home button then simultaneously on the lock button then ola it works!! So if you have second thought of dropping your ipad try to do this first. BTW thank you savior :)

        • Cecelia says

          I appreciate this. My ipad decided to go blank on me and right after I saw this it miraculously came right back on. Thanks again! I suggest doing this for anyone who is having the same problem I am.

    • Jeeh says

      Mine has the same issue. But i read a forum from apple support from Riley Steward and he said to:

      Riley stewart
      Aug 19, 2013 9:19 PM
      in response to barbara424
      Try kneeing you ipad on the back with a considerable amount of force, that worked for me. I know it sounds crazy but something moved inside of your ipad and kneeing it will move it back. I promise I am not lying.

      Trust me this is not a joke. It worked for me i thought i lost my ipad forever.

      • MARY says


      • Ronan says

        Also just as crazy advice – but worked for me, is to drop the iPad onto one of its corners from about 1-2 feet off the ground. First time you do this you will think its crazy and its going to break it – so just drop it onto a soft carpet. It may not fix the screen fully on the first try but you will see something. Next time – hey presto! Dropping the ipad actually fixes it!

        • PeterC says

          My ipad 2 has showed a blank white screen for the last week. After reading these comments, I decided to try a technique similar to the Kneebang Technique by dropping my ipad 2 from a height of between 1-2 ft. onto my lap between 5-10 times and then throwing it semi-forcefully 2-3 times onto my lap. The screen went from white and blank to just black without being responsive (*talk about making me worried). I threw it a couple times more onto my lap and then held down the power button, at which point in time the beautiful apple symbol popped up and my ipad began to function just like new. I was about to buy a new screen and digitizer, but tried this technique first, which paid off. My daughter had dropped the ipad several times recently, so it seemed logical that something may have just been jiggled loose inside. I highly suggest trying this technique or the kneebang technique before replacing your screen/digitizer.

          • Benjamin says

            i can’t fix my iPad 2. It can take pics from the home button and lock button but my screen it bright white and frozen. Please respond what should i do

        • Emma T says

          Can’t believe it but after reading these posts I took the advice and dropped my daughters ipad on my lap a couple of times then onto carpet a couple times at a height of about 20cm, and the blank screen came back alive!!! Its totally working beautifully again! So glad I found this thread! Thanks everybody!

          • Satya says

            wow… glad I read this thread. My iPad 2 was able to connect with itunes and was able to restore the software multiple times. However, the screen would would never work. Finally, I dropped it on my floor from about a foot and the home screen came on.

        • anthony says

          ok i waass skepttical at first like anyone but it worked thankyou god it worked lol i am dead serious i swear to godit worked for me droopped it on lapthen i dropped on corners from about one and a half foot thankyou!!!!!!

        • MomofAACuser says

          This is the craziest thing ever. I just tried this for my son’s iPad and it worked. I thought it was a prank but since it seemed there was nothing else to be done I tried anyway. My son got this iPad through the school and uses it as a communication device so I was desperate to try and fix it myself. It’s actually dropping it on one of the sides that worked. Amazing. Thank you for sharing this tip.

      • Squishy says

        OH MY GOD THIS ACTUALLY WORKED. My iPad has been havin problems since the screen cracked, I thought of have to contact the people that changes my screen to see if they knew. Anyway, my friend found this… Before I tried it, I thought, “Man, this guys crazy. It’ll just mess it up more.” But then I tried slapping it on my knee a few times… And voila!! It worked! Then me and my friend started freaking out and bouncing and crap (overreaction much? Lol), but it worked… Thank you so much!! Now I won’t have to go the whole night sharing my friends iPod. Yay!! C:

        • Mike says

          My daughters I pad did not work I read your advise knock it about a bit and bingo the bloody thing worked thanks for the massive tip and spread the word . Most people would take their faulty pads to a apple dealer and get a large bill but not today thanks to you

          • Mike says

            I was at a loss and desperate, so I gave my ipad a few stiff jabs to the back of the device…and BINGO! Problem solved!!!! All it need was some tough love.

      • SueN says

        Wow. Thought I was bonkers following this advice but yes it really did work and we have saved ourselves a considerable bill for repair. Brilliant and thanks :)

      • ChristyB says

        OMG! My son used my iPad as a kneeboard on the carpet and it quit working. All I could get was an illuminated black screen. After trying EVERYTHING else I tried the Kneebang Technique. Dropped it on my lap several times, dropped it on its corner and back on the carpet. Then tried the power button again and it came on! Works fine now!

      • Eileen says

        THANK YOU!
        THANK YOU!
        THANK YOU!

        Just dropped the stupid thing face down on my lap a few times and it worked!!
        I searched tech support for an hour before I found this and it was really worth the time spent!!!!

        THANK YOU!!!

      • Pippibear says

        Oh my goodness I cannot believe this worked, at first i think I was being too gentle and nothing happened, then decided to bang each corner and the top and bottom on a table covered with a soft cloth. I pressed the home button and it sprang into life. Thank you thank you thank you. x

    • Jacob says

      I read some of the comments and actually what ended up fixing my iPad was literally smacking it a few hard times in the back with my hand and it started working!! NO JOKE!

    • Shane says

      Try resetting into recovery mode by pressing the sleep/wake button and home button at the same time then start up device when shuts off just happened to me yesterday so it works

  1. claire says

    My ipad will not respond. Its just a black/blank illuminated screen or a hazey screen sometimes purple. Or a flashing broken picture screen if that makes sense…..?

  2. Barbie says

    I just wanted to thank you SO much for the advice you gave in this article. It happened to me last night. Black screen. No reason. Fully charged. Didn’t drop it. I was crushed, as it is my only computer and I wouldn’t be able to replace it. I decided to look it up before I took it to the Apple store, and I am so glad I did! The trick was to hold the home button down at the same time as the on/off button. There the apple came up and shortly after, my home pic. WHEW!!
    Again, thank you for posting this. Bless you!!

  3. mike says

    I saw this.on another forum….at first.i thought it was dumb…then I tried it out……..I simply banged my ipad on my lap while sitting… started to flicker and….voila… cam back on…….no jokes….talk about a hard reset…..

    • Mimi says

      so i had a blue ..blackish screen and the reset didnt i read your comment and was like yeah right like that would work; and it actually did… banged my ipad on my lap and now its on ! thanks a bunch :)

    • ash says

      I look at this comment thought about it. Thought the person who suggested maybe a little crazy tried all other options first. Figured might as well try this one to and like previous person BAM Ipad back in action after a little spank 😉 lol

    • Donna says

      Omg!! My ipad had the same issue. I thought you may have been having some fun by saying to just bang it on your lap, but I was desperate enough to try it and it worked. CRAZY!!! Thans so much.

    • Ebb says

      Ok my iPad has had the black screen for 6months. Just read this post and banged in on my leg literally 5seconds ago and the thing popped on!!!!!!!

  4. michael says

    hi, my screen on my ipad 3 is blank. tried replacing the digitizer screen. siri will talk to me however when i hard reset nothing happens. i cannot restore my ipad in itunes as it contains a passcode and comes up with a 0xE8000084 error code. any suggestions to what i can do?

  5. Dawn says

    Same thing happened to me! Dropped the iPad onto carpet from the bed.
    Black screen, what worked ??
    Smacking it hard on the back!
    Yippee !!!

  6. Shawn says

    Same thing happened to me. My ipad fell from the couch to the floor and I was left with “the black screen of death” Sooo, I smacked “hard” on the back. Ipad CPR. My Ipad is alive and kicking…..

  7. says

    My iphone just all of a sudden went blank!!! Black screen… I’ve restored it but it still goes back to the blank screen!!! Plz help me

  8. Kenneth says

    Had this problem for a couple of days until just now. I tried the home and on/off button simultaneously as mentioned by gautam and it worked . :)

  9. Gemma Robertson says

    My Ipad screen went black for no apparent reason a couple of weeks ago..the sound still works but it is just displaying a black screen. I tried restarting it but nothing…also tried to sync it with itunes and restore it but as my ipad is password protected it would not allow me to do so.. I would go to an Apple store for advice but the closest one is 70-odd miles away, so if anyone has experienced this issue before and knows how to help, please please please share with me.

    Does anyone know how to get past my password on itunes, or if there is a way i can disable it from the computer? I’m currently charging it just now and if all else fails I’ll try the smacking technique…

  10. Jordan says

    iPad randomly turned off, I tried taking it off sleep but it flashed for a millisecond and had blue lines vertically on the top that looked as if it’s bleeding. Really upset, please help. Tried all techniques. :/

  11. Bob says

    My iPad screen is black and it won’t respond. It says ‘voice over on.’ I have tried all the suggestions: the reboot, slap the thigh, etc. I am not able to try asking Siri to turn off the voice over because it keeps telling me Siri is unavailable. Any other suggestions? thanks.

  12. Zechariah Scott says

    My screen keeps going blank although I can still hear the sounds from the app. I’ve tried the ‘on-off/home’ button technique and this brings up the apple but as soon as the iPad finishes rebooting my home screen appears for only a fraction of a second before the screen goes blank again. Occasionally touching the screen opens an app and the screen will come to life but pressing the home button makes the screen go blank about 80% of the time. I’ve tried resetting it via iTunes and banging it on the back all to no avail. Any ideas?

  13. Erin N says

    My toddler dropped my ipad on the carpet and got a blank/black screen. I tried everything. I even did a restore. Googled to find some suggestions and came across this thread. Saw you all tried hitting the back of the ipad. I though no way would the work. Hit it on my legs first, nothing. Then hit it a little harder with my palm and saw a miracle “flicker” appear. Couple more hits, viola! Thanks for the “miracle” tip!

  14. mike foreman says

    Un-effn belivable
    i was about to give up and i did the drop from a foot off the floor and it came alive.
    thanks everyone

  15. Georgia says

    I plugged my iPad in and immediately I heard a ‘ding’ ! As it got plugged it. That method worked for me(:

  16. Samia says

    Yup! My screen went black after reading the comments about banging it on your lap I did it and now my Ipad2 is working like nothing happened….

  17. LisaW says

    SO literally I have been depressed for a week now over my iPad 2. The screen was black called apple and was 74 days out of my warranty…they told me there was nothing they could do for me. I have never dropped my ipad or anything so I couldnt understand why the display was black. Tried the hard reset and it didnt work! I read these comments, went over to my poor iPad tapped it on my knee and BAM it turned right on!!!! Now I just hope it stays this way.

  18. Richsven says

    Crazy but banging the back of the ipad2 on my lap solved the problem, the screen was with the wrong colors, I shuttled it down normally and after rebooting the iPad was perfect, back to normal. As other people has said I didn’t drop the iPad, but it was really hot when the problem appeared.
    Thank you for the “banging on lap” solution.

  19. Belinda Scott says

    OMFG!!!! I seriously thought all these comments about “kneeing it” it the back, smacking it and whacking it on your knees were people’s idea of a joke, but when my son’s ipad stopped working and all we had was an illuminated black screen and it wouldn’t turn on or off and restarting with the home/on/off buttons did nothing, I thought…..what have I got to lose????

    So I sat down and whacked it on my knees.

    Several times.

    It flickered a little and then nothing.

    Then I turned it over and slapped the back of it.


    Then I turned it back over and pressed the on/off button.

    The apple symbol appeared!!!!!! Then hey presto it turned back on!!! I cannot believe that this technique actually works!!!! Seriously gobsmacked!!!!!

    Thanks people!~:)

    • Sabina L says

      Wow! I was totally not believing that colution either and then I literally just tried it right now after my son dropped it on the tip onto the tile floor…screen popped right back up! Gotta loove Google! :o)

  20. Raaj says

    Awesome my dear friendzzzz. Thank u so so much. Just put my ipad on lap and tapped twice in front and then back…. It worked as a charm. Amazing!!! My sisters 3 year old son will kiss me 100 times for this : )

  21. claudia says

    oh wow. so i had the same trouble after my ipad slid off my bed onto carpet in a very well protected case. I tried evetything including smacking it and saw some white flickers which i panicked and stopped. i then re tried the two button on off and after just the lit up black screen. i tried dropping it onto carpet from a foot high with its front side up… nothing then worked the distance to two feet. its alive, and is just like it was. !! soo good

  22. jerry says

    I can’t believe it. I tried the knocking on the back trick of my fiancee’s ipad 2 that hasn’t been working since march, and the screen started working again. I really thought this idea was a joke until i seen dozens of,people recommending it. They couldnt all be trolls, right? And sure enough, it’s working. Thanks, everyone.

  23. megan says

    I honestly thought my daughters Ipad was gone…the screen turned black. I looked at this post and smacked the Ipad off of my leg and it worked!!! So glad!!

  24. says

    it totally worked on my phone, I thought Im gonna b taking my phone being blackout to school. But now I dnt have to worry about it. Thanks to whoever posted this , the last option helped me with my phone. ☺️

  25. abbie says

    Whoever suggested that we should tap the back of the ipad when it turned black is actually a genius. Thank you for sharing this technique coz it worked!

  26. UofTStudent says

    Had the same problem happen to me. My iPad was working fine the night before, but the next morning it was not turning on and had a black screen. Tried plugging it in, did not turn on, could only hear notification sounds. Smacked it on the back about 3 times, then pressed the home and on/off button for a minute straight. Miraculously, the apple logo appeared! Thanks to everyone who posted on this forum! Saved me the trouble and anxiety.

  27. Brad says

    I’ve tried this smack trick, nad it hasnt worked for me. I can hear it make the communication sound when I plug it in, but screen stays black. I even went and got a new LCD for it and same thing still persists.. any other ideas? I’m deseperate……

  28. kaylad1995 says

    my pad mini went black and i pressed home button and on/off button together and now my ipad mini wont charge

    my ipad mini say connect to power when it is :/ ???

  29. MGriz says

    Someone asked me to try and find out what why their ipad wasnt coming on and i tried everything and thenread these comments and after the 8th post telling me how osmeone else didnt believe smacking it on their lap worked I decided to try it too and yeah it definitely worked!!!! Really and still!!!

  30. Kenya says

    As someone who this screen thing just happened to and cannot afford a new Ipad, I feel compelled to say that the kneebang worked for me. I was reluctant, I thought my whole thing was ruined, (who knows it still might be) the reset stuff was not working. It was also scaring me because each time I did it, many colors came on the screen and disappeared convincing me to believe the ipad was dying even more and i was helping it.

    I did the knee bang which was not at nearly bad or scary as it sounds. If you hurt yourself doing it, you probably went over board.

  31. Ariel says

    This worked for me too! My screen was “illuminated black” after dropping it so I tried this technique. First time I dropped it the screen was restored but in a “red negative” look, second time same thing but in green, third time it returned to normal! Too funny!!

  32. Fairiz Parman says

    I am usimg iphone 5s.. there one time my phone dry empty of batery.. after i fully charged my phone it won’t go to home screen.. it just freeze at apple icon and the screen turning to blue and red.. and again it shutdown it self.. any idea what to do on this.. please reponse quick! Really help your help here…

  33. Derrell Fowler says

    Ok, i was using my ipod earlier for about 2hours straight. Then the screen just cut off! Iknew it wasnt dead because it was on the charger at the moment. Plus everytime i click the sleep button it blinks on snd goes off, i tried reseting it with the power and home button but it does the same thing everytime! WHAT TO DO!!

  34. says

    OMG!!! All of a sudden the screen on my iphone 5 goes black…the phone is still working and I can hear the alerts but completely black. I went to the apple support site for help…big waste of time there…as I was about to just chuck this phone out the window I came across this page…as I started to read the posts I started to think another big waste of time…but as a last resort I thought what could it hurt to bang it on my knees 4 or 5 times…and on the last try the apple logo showed up on my screen…thank you thank you thank you

  35. angelica says

    My I pad is blank I tried the knee thing it worked but only for a few minutes I can hear the buttons clicking but I cant see anything please help!

  36. eric says

    for me, with the dead/blank screen (and semi-lighted blank screen), it worked to drop it on a corner from about a foot onto carpet over concrete (the 3rd corner i tried), but not kneeing it, banging it, knocking it or resetting it using home and sleep buttons. thanks for the advice.

    • aaliyah says

      thank you so much mine was the semi-lighted screen and i use my ipad for everything i knocked it and then bangned it it turned on but it was red and fuzzy so i used a old method for when it got fuzzy which was also banging it ang i got it clear ang working

      • kasey says

        mine did this every now and then, but the screen was fuzzy green. I was able to bang it and then get it back to normal typically, but this time it turned black and now i can hear sounds but that is it. Now i can get it to a semi-lighted screen to, like it’s trying to turn on but it can’t. I don’t know what to do because it has been like this for 2 weeks.

  37. FYB says

    Seriously, I just decided I’d drop my ipad forcefully on the couch (backside down) and the third time, I saw a flash of the apple! Did that a few more times…and then I clapped it on it’s earphone side in my hand forcefully. It completely came back after black screen for a day!!! Thank you …you knee bangers!!!

  38. Rubi says

    Thank you all for your suggestions and ideas

    I tried it all and added putting it in the freezer for 15 min

    But still my problem did not get solved

    The black screen with the apple symbol flashing

    any new thoughts

  39. Taylor says

    My iPad went all white the last te and I dropped it a few tes on the floor and it worked, but now it is happening again a little after I dropped it a cracked the screen. I tried everything I did last time and more. It’s not working though. Not this time.

  40. Taylor says

    I thought I would have to get a new iPad because everything in the comments wasn’t working so I held both buttons and than slapped it sort of hard ony knee and th Apple sign came up!

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