iPhone 5 getting too hot: Device overheating problem?

Several new iPhone 5 users have reported that their iPhone is getting abnormally hot. The new iPhone (iPhone 5) has some impressive features. When you are charging your battery or using your iPhone for a period of time, it is normal for the iPhone to get warm. If you use your device in extreme conditions with temperatures that are too low or high, your iPhone may not function properly. For instance, the iPhone may overheat because of weather conditions and the associated temperature (e.g. leaving your device out in the sun for a long period of time). This may lead to your device:

(a) not charging

(b) going black

(c) showing an alert message that your iPhone needs to cool down

(d) showing weak cellular signals

(e) disabling camera flash.

If you experience this, turn your iPhone off and keep it in a cool place for an extended period of time before attempting to use the device again.

If your device is overheating to the point that it really hurts when touched, contact Apple support ASAP; this probably indicates you have a faulty device.



  1. matt b says

    iphone 5, crashed whilst on charge.

    The phone was showing 15% charge balance, so it was put on charge whilst on charge it began to try to receive e-mails. After an hour of been on charge I went to take the phone off charge to find it off with no response when trying to turn it on, the casing seemed to be abnormally warm.

    Any ideas what the problem could be I have tried the reset(power switch and home switch 10sec)

  2. Jayne Perkins says

    My IPhone5 will not stay on, no longer than 1 day, after I do what the website tells me to do. The apple symbol appears and the goes right off. I then recharge it even though it is almost fully charged. It will then come on and work about 24 hours and then quit again. I do not leave it in my car or anywhere else where it is hot. Just took it out of purse and it was extremely hot. I am getting really fed up with it!!!!!!

  3. jaccob says

    guys its nice to give info about what it will do if it keeps going on but i would like to know how to solve it

  4. David says

    I bought my iPhone 5about a week in a half ago it started getting real hot within 3 or 4 mins of sending a text msg went to plug it up to charge and will not charge . What can be done to solve this issue

  5. Richard says

    I have a iPhone 5 and only had this 2 weeks now and found that also like others mine gets very hot too. I am worried as surely this cannot be normal. Has apple realised they have a problem on there hands?

  6. Jamie says

    Every time I have my new iPhone 5 in the sun even for five minutes the battery is totally depleted the phone is only one week old I think this is a shame for this amount of money I hope that they resolve this issue immediately I’m returning my phone tomorrow and will get something else

  7. Debs says

    I have a iPhone 5c and this is getting very very hot all the time I’m not happy about leaving it to charge up when I’m not around now after seeing so many saying the same so tomorrow I will be returning mine and asking to go back to a samsung s4 or s5 I will let u know know how i get on tomorrow

  8. Jane says

    The iphone gets too uncomfortably warm to hold it heat to the face and hand. Flaw in your product I hope you didnt ignore on the iphone6 plus or Ill be ditching you forever.

  9. Mark says

    I left my iPhone 5s in my vehicle with about 98% battery charge. The outside temperature was about 10 degrees F and it was in the car for about 10 hours. When I got in my vehicle, the battery life was over 50% but there was a warning that this device had to cool down prior to using it (the red thermometer readout was almost solid). How does a phone overheat in 10 degree weather when it isn’t being used?

  10. Wendy says

    My iPhone 5 gets extremely hot while charging it or while on a Skype or phone call. It gets so hot, it’s like my fingers are being burned. Since the phone was given to me second hand, I’m not sure I have any recourse.

  11. Glenn says

    You spent a lot for the iPhone 5 now you’re stuck with the problem what can I do to get this resolve

  12. Giau Huynh says

    This is the 3nd 5s iPhone that I got it from AT&T , they all Certified Refurbished units. Because I have insurance from At&T from the first place, when my original got lost , I got 1ST replacement unit worked only 3 weeks, the 2nd replacement worked for 2 months and now the 3nd one just about 2 months and I noticed phone was getting warm then hot when I use phone for just a few minutes and problem happen more and more offend.
    Please advices what do I need to do, I dont want to deal with At& T insurance anymore. I will take
    for ever for replacement and I dont think I will qualify for the 4nd replacement. I may need to switch to Samsong for better quality ?? or Apple can help me to sold the problem?

  13. Panashe says

    Reset your network settings, also change your data to 2g when much data speed is required.
    Mine was hot but after that worked like magic

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