How to set up and use automatic downloads

The Automatic Downloads feature automatically downloads any songs, apps, or books that you buy at iTunes or App Store with all of your compatible devices. This includes both PC and Mac computers and iOS devices, namely the iPad, iPad mini, iPhone or iPod touch. You can enable or disable Automatic Downloads for Music, Apps, or Books.

How to turn on Automatic Downloads on your computer

  • Launch iTunes
  • Authorize your computer, if you have not already (Store > Authorize This Computer)
  • Choose iTunes > Preferences and click the Store tab (Edit > Preferences and click the Store tab for Windows computers)
  • Check the boxes under “Automatic Downloads.”

iTunes automatic downloads

How to turn on Automatic Downloads on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Simply tap Settings > iTunes & App Stores and toggle On/Off switch to enable or disable Automatic Downloads. There are three options: Music, Apps and Books. If you do not see the Books option, you need to install iBooks form the App Store.

iPhone, iPad, iPod automatic downloads

When this feature is enabled, your purchases will automatically be downloaded by all your of your devices. Note that you need to use the same Apple ID for all devices.

Users who already use a lot of data may want to disable cellular data to avoid overages from automatically downloaded apps and music. To do so, simply tap Settings > Store.


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