iPad mini not charging? Fix

Several users have reported charging problems with their iPad mini; either they were unable to charge their device or the charging process is very slow.

Is your iPad mini not charging? How to charge:

The iPad mini comes with a 5-watt charger, the same as an iPhone or iPod touch. Using the 5-watt charger, it should take around 3-3.5 hours to charge from 0 to a full 100%. Use the ‘lightning to USB’ cable to connect your iPad mini to a USB power adapter to charge your device.

If you are having problems charging your iPad:

  • Is your device attached to a computer via a standard USB port and your device is showing a “not charging” message? This is probably because USB ports may not provide enough power to charge an iPad. Try charging it using an electrical outlet using the charger it came with.
  • Ensure that lightning connector has been properly inserted. Remove and insert (unplug then re-plug) it a few times to clean the contacts if there is any debris present. If you can still see some debris in there, use a hair dryer to safely remove the debris.
  • Try basic troubleshooting techniques; this includes restarting your device and hard resetting your device. (related: iPad troubleshooting)
  • It may be that your battery is completely drained. Plug your device and wait several minutes.

Note: Apple recommends that once a month you let the iPad fully drain to the point of self-shut down and then recharging to 100% without any interruptions.



  1. Stewart says

    Got the mini yesterday.
    Used it till it died and plugged into the wall with supplied gear. I awoke 10 hours later to a 68% charge reading. Terrible! Also this thing freezes up, is hard read with the low resolution screen and it stutters a lot when in use. Iits a lemon rather than an apple. I am taking this piece of crap back!

    • says

      Wow I have never had any of those problems……I traded my full size three for my mini and could not be happier…..sounds like you got someone’s return thet they ruined first, then the store resold it to you cuz my runs perfect

  2. Venkat Rao says

    I have tried everything you have recommended and my ipad mini is just a few hours old. It refuses to charge. I tried connected it to itunes and it does not get detected.

  3. Stewart says

    Returned the mini and got a “real” iPad 4th gen. This is a keeper, so much faster and i like the bigger size now, my eyes don’t hurt from looking at jagged text anymore!

    I’ll get another mini when the retina version is out. Perfect iPad 5 would be full sized ipad but with the weight and thickness of the current mini, definitely possible in a years time frame given tech advances.

  4. Susie Price says

    I have a top of the range PC with the latest USB technology and my iPad mini won’t charge off it – I think Apple know there’s major design fault and are fobbing everyone off by blaming on the computer. I’d be interested to know if anyone at all has successfully charged their iPad from a PC – any PC and if so what the spec of that PC was.

    • Ryan Mcley says

      yeahh I charged mine on laptop and it charged but no fully I had the charger for the laptop on too its a HP it charged up too 86% now my ipad mini wont charge at all because I put it on charge and then came back it wouldn’t on I think it must of been dirt that went through the side edges where the screen is and made something in the mini stop working cause the back felt hot and now I have no idea whats wrong with it I need serious help. :(

  5. Jack says

    Just bought iPad mini and found mine also not charged using original.i also bought cheaper after market USB cable and plug for workplace (fancy flat cable)about MYR13.found out that iPad mini could be charged 100% just fine.when comparing with original cable,the original is quite loose hence maybe not in contact

  6. Mike says

    My ipad mini was on charge over other and this morning it was very hot. I tried to switch it on but nothing? Also tired the reset but still not working? Any thoughts?

  7. Christine says

    Well, it’s May 17, 2013 now and the iPad mini is still being sold with the same problem!

    I can’t charge my new mini from my computer , or my charger in my van, or my iPhone 4 cord which is plugged into the wall (I bought an adapter to change the 30pin to the lightning plug Sold specifically so u can use your old cords, but won’t work!,,

    How long does it take Apple to fix something like this? I like the mini a lot, but this charging issue is unacceptable!!!

  8. Julia says

    Same problem, apple store told me the plug is at fault as not apple and I should purchase a new apple one . The plug came in the box with the iPad mini. So why is it not apple. It charges fully with my partners plug from his I pad , and within a short time. The plugs for sale at the apple store online look the same as the one I have, why purchase another one to have the same problem. Come on apple get your act together. Julia

  9. donna says

    i brought 2 ipad mini for children n nothing but trouble with charging, my children are not happy only few mths old n broken

    • Mark says

      Wow. That’s sad. Not the charging thing..the fact you bought a 400 dollar toy for a child. .little turds must be spoiled rotten eww I can only imagine. Probably out them on some pills though..called their lack of discipline add or something lol

      • Jake says

        I do believe this was a thread about charging issues with Ipads, not for judgment calls about what people buy their children. Unless you have some helpful information about the topic, keep your personal views to yourself.

  10. says

    What are the settings in this crappy thing that could tell it to not charge from a usb it has been previously charging on? This is why I hate apple its crap I would have solved this if it were an android device or even a horrible windows os hate apple with good reason. Oh utterly useless article by the way I can’t believe you bothered frankly more useful info in Chinese fortune cookies. But exactly what I’d expect from something called apple boa bla.

  11. Jorja says

    My birthday is 17th Octover 2001 and my parents bought me a IPad Mini for
    My birthday, it’s now Friday 13th June 2014, I recently got and IPhone 5 due to me starting High School both chargers won’t charge my devices it doesn’t even say charging so I have to use my mums IPhone 5s cord is there a way I can fix this problem?

  12. randall says

    Similar problems with my ipad mini…left it on my desk..came back to use it and it was hot and couldn’t get it to come on….been trying to recharge it all day…nothing!
    Beginning to wonder if buying apple was the right thing to do!

  13. christy says

    we purchased 4 ipad minis and an ipod touch 5 last year, and we only have one charger that still works. That is a lot of money. We tried a belkin charger, that lasted one week. Has Apple replaced any chargers at no cost?

  14. neversdavid says

    My Ipad mini refuses to charge from connecting it to the computer to charging it from the wall adapter it came from and another adapter bought new cable and still doesnt work PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Kasaandra says

      I have a similar problem to yours too. I have an iPad mini for about a year now and my charger got really old. Like the wire has opened up and its all broken apart. So I bought a new charger and it was working perfectly fine for about 1week. After that, one morning I saw that my iPad had 5% charge so I quickly plugged it in to a wall. It wasn’t charging at all!! I didn’t see the sign “Not charging”. But it just wasn’t charging! I’m so sad right now. Please if anyone could help me I would be honored. I can’t buy another charger I mean come on! I just bought this one :(

  15. Amy says

    It’s has been like 5 days when my parents got an iPad mini for my sis and today it just stop charging. We put it to charge every way posible but it wouldn’t charge it said it’s charging but it has been in zero battery all day

  16. Debbie B says

    I have had no issues charging my ipad mini using the USB port until this week. makes no sense. Nothing has changed with my computer, the ipad still asks me to trust the device and it tells me it’s not charging (it always does that) but now the battery doesn’t turn green as it’s charging.
    Still charging fine from an outlet but I need to be able to charge from my computer! Help!

  17. Geo says

    The problem seems to be the charging cord itself (on the UBS side) my new mini stopped taking a charge after a few weeks. I noticed one of the terminals or circuits on my cord had developed a green corrosion, and after looking at with a magnifying glass. It looks like the corresponding terminal (on the flip side, same circuit) is also corroded. Possibly from arcing. The cord doesn’t click in or lock, I think the problem is the loose fitting
    Plug because I used the charging cord from a full size I-pad and it charged fine. I tried a cheap brand universal cord and a message came up that “Apple does not support the use of this charging device” so the warrenty possabily could be voided, so try a Apple charging cord from a reg size I-pad it worked for mine.

  18. Ashleigh says

    Hello, my name is Ashleigh. I currently own a first generation ipad mini. I have had it for about 3 years, but I do not know for sure. I have always had very minor issues that were fixable with research. This morning when my iPad was dying, I plugged it in as always. It says it is not charging, but it won’t die when it says %1, which is usually when it begins to fade on me. I tried multiple different plugins, outlets, and computers too, yet it still wasn’t working. I attempted to turn on airplane mode, restart, and it went up to %2 but still doesn’t have the charging symbol. If there are some other ways to try and fix, please let me know. Overall, I have a android smartphone and this ipad mini. I always buy apple for my recreational uses due to the better system, and android for my phone. I have always been very pleased with the two doing their own duties. I am simply having this one small issue. It is a very old iPad mini, so I understand if it’s natural for it to mess up. Responses appreciated, if not have a wonderful day.

  19. Rosie says

    Haven’t had my iPad mini long atall! And it just won’t charge! I have bought a new charger and tried it in a usb and wall plug! It’s fully dead and when I connect it to the charger it still tells me to ‘charge it’ please help!

  20. Brian says

    I have the mini pad 2 and I have built pc rigs for over 20 yrs , my latest build has the most newest usb compliance with all usb devices yet the mini will not charge on my pc. I don’t believe Apples excuse blaming other peoples hardware. One thing I will note is that out of 3 brand new lightening cables each bought from Apple 2 of them stop charging at less then 90% meanwhile one charges 100% on a new usb charger plug which is also Apple made. I have tested those 2 on other usb charger plugs with the same result while the one works fine and now has me convinced its a Apple flaw! The pc not charging Apple can fix with a simple update but the charging cables need to be inspected better. Heating isses seem to be the common thing for these ipads these days and since their latest ios update I suggest those having the heating issue to not lay it on a flat surface so that it will not overheat.

  21. Clay says

    iPad Mini Retina – will not charge correctly. If I turn the plug around enough times, then finally I can get a hot connection to charge. But then often it just sops charging willy nilly. It is so unreliable. What is the problem. The old 30-pin adapter I use on my iPhone 4S and iPad work just fine still. It is a problem with the Lightning Adapter. And Apple should address this problem.

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