So you want to be called “awesome?”: Customize Siri

You can personalize Siri to call you anything. For instance, if you want Siri refer to you as “awesome”, “magnificent”, “gorgeous” or “beautiful”, you just need to set Siri to do just that. This tip also applies to you if Siri pronounces or says your name incorrectly.  Here is how to do this:

  • Tap  Contacts on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (assuming you have Siri, see this article)
  • Find your name and info that Siri uses
  • Tap Edit (IMG 1)
  • Tap ‘add field’ and then ‘Phonetic First Name’ (IMG 2)
  • Enter whatever you want to be called. We entered “awesome” in our case. You may also enter here how you want Siri say your name if Siri mispronounces your first or last name.  Just enter the letter you think that best represents the sounds of your first or last name
  • Tap done

Siri will now read and say your name as “awesome” (if that’s what you’ve entered).

To change or delete this setting:

  • Launch the Contacts app then tap Edit
  • Tap your Phonetic fields (in our example “awesome”). You may change or delete by tapping the x sign.


Edit contacts on iPad, iPod, iPhone


‘add field’ and then ‘Phonetic First Name’



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