Bluetooth not working on iPhone or iPad, fix

Several users have reported issues that Bluetooth is not working properly, meaning that Bluetooth is not connecting or recognizing devices.  Note that Bluetooth on iOS devices is designed to communicate with Bluetooth keyboards, speakers, car systems, and headphones. If you are trying to use Bluetooth to do something else, it may not work.

If you are having issues with Bluetooth, try following tips to resolve your issue:

  • Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on (Settings > Bluetooth).
  • Before you can use a Bluetooth accessory with your iPad, iPod or iPhone device, you need to pair it. To do that tap Settings > Bluetooth toggle on Bluetooth and your device will search for compatible devices. After you have found the device or accessory that you want, tap to pair (you may need to enter a passkey or PIN).
  • Bluetooth is short-range wireless technology. Make sure that your device and accessory are close to each other. The range is around 30 feet.
  • Low battery may affect Bluetooth; make sure to keep your device charged.
  • Toggle Bluetooth on and off.
  • Turn your Bluetooth accessory on and off.
  • If you are unable to connect a paired Bluetooth device, try deleting the record and repairing. To delete, tap Settings > Bluetooth, tap the arrow next to the accessory and tap Forget This Device.
  • Make sure that the firmware on your Bluetooth accessory is up to date. Refer to the manufacturer’s documentation.



  1. Tails says

    Was working. One went out of range. Upon return cant see each other. Tried bluetooth on/off both devices (ipad & iphone). Tried both reset. Thinking of throwing both at brick wall to give head a rest :-)

    • fred rudman says

      wish I could help you, but I am in the exact position that you are in. very frustrating. used to work fine, but now cannot make blue tooth discoverable on the phone, hence unable to pair it with the car.

      • I'm cp da don says

        How do I get to have my iPhone and iPad on Bluetooth to work so I can have music ,text messages etc. How DO I GET MY BLUETOOTH ON MY IPHONE AN IPAD to stop searching and finally have these two devices to show up on my iPad and iPhone it’s just says that it’s searching on both what is my problem could someone plz help me. Thank you for whoever try’s to help or responds to my questions\Question.

  2. Fortescue says

    You’d have thought that these issues with Bluetooth would have been resolved by now. For the years it’s been around, it’s still buggy and unreliable.

    Great when it works but ultimately it’s unacceptably unreliable.

  3. eric says

    The solution that worked for me was to Backup and then Restore.

    For the backup: you can do it via iTunes (plug the iPhone and right click over its icon on the Devices section and then choose Back Up) or download your photos, contacts and other important documents to your Mac using iPhoto (just download your photos) or apps like My Contacts Back Up (it will email you the full list so you can upload it to the iPhone later). Make sure you backup properly please!

    After you have done the back up choose Restore in iTunes and that will erase all the files and apps from the iPhone so it will be back to the settings it had on the day you used it for the first time (you’ll be able to recover all the apps you paid for since they’ll be linked to the Apple ID you used to purchase them).

    The iPhone will still have the latest version of iOS (6.1.3) so if the problem is -like in most cases- software related it would be fixed and you’ll able to pair the device again. If not maybe you will have to downgrade the iOS to the previous version.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Anna says

    Thanks for this post. Was so confused as to why it wouldn’t pick up my Bluetooth keyboard. Toggled the keyboard on/off as you suggested and it picked it up straight away. Am now paired and ready to go. So simple yet somehow beyond me!! Thanks again.

  5. liz says

    Unfortunately so far I cannot get my moto hint Bluetooth to connect to my iPad I’m still trying other options otherwise I may have to take take the Moto back

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