How to block unwanted calls and text messages; iPhone

A lot of users are asking whether it is possible to block a phone number on the iPhone, calling or texting. How can you stop unwanted numbers calling your iPhone? Unfortunately, there is no incoming call or text blocking feature available on the iPhone (iPhone 5, iPhone 4 etc), but there are other solutions:

1-Contact your carrier, because a true call blocking can be done at the carrier level.  However, your carrier may charge an extra fee for this service.  For instance,AT&T offers an optional feature called AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless for $4.99 per month (per line) that lets you block calls and texts from up to 30 specific numbers (that you select). Contact your carrier to see if they offer any similar service free or paid.

2-If you want to block calls from telemarketers, you may want to register your iPhone number with the National Do Not Call Registry.

3-You may want to set up Do Not Disturb option in iOS 6. This feature will not block, but silence incoming calls and other alerts.  This feature is very useful if you want to silence your phone when you are busy like during a meeting or sleeping.

4-If your device is jailbroken, there is an app called iBlacklist ($12). This app includes features such as the ability to block calls and text from certain numbers.

5-You may create your own block list. To do that (a) create an “ignore” or “spam” or “unwanted” (or whatever you want to call it) contact for numbers and people to block. Tap Contacts and tap the (+) button to add a new contact.  Then name it “ignore” or something similar, add the number you wish to block or ignore, and then assign a silent ring tone and disable every alert including sound, tone and vibration for this contact.



  1. says

    Their should be an application to block unwanted
    Texts or phone calls from ur iphone considering how much we pay for the phone it’s self and paying the cell bill every month…
    Honestly,, that’s pretty shitty!!!As I Said before
    We pay the price for the phone,, bill everyonth…. I just find it absolutely rediculous ..

  2. Moses Gordon says

    Verizon customers can block up to five numbers for free. Log into your account online, on the top left in the ‘I want to’ box’ enter block calls. The page to enter the numbers to block comes up. The block lasts for 90 days.

  3. Nikos says

    I had the Samsung android for many years and had the from app store and was able to block any number and sms that I wanted. Now I decided to change to apple and iPhone 5 and really disappointed, they do not allow to block an unwanted call!!! This is ridiculous for Apple and soon will loose thousand od customers. We all ask Apple to review this matter and ASAP to provide a free app for blocking calls and sms. Soon please.

  4. Nikki says

    The Sprint block DOES NOT WORK. My ex has an iPhone on AT&T, I blocked him FIVE TIMES, called sprint to complain, etc, NOTHING WORKS. PATHETIC that apple STILL refuses to provide this feature to its customers. SERIOUSLY considering the new Samsung.

  5. Kristina says

    How do you block a number from abroad .. I get at least 2 texts a day saying ‘ keep this message from : IMEI: 355243024719558 and the phone number is +355672899729 .. This is driving me crazy !! I have rung EE .. No help and I have rung the nuisance line as well .. No help !! I need it blocked for ever .. Not just for 90 days and I don’t want to pay a fee for the privelidge of doing so.

  6. helen says

    I bocked i # and they can still send me voice mails and the show up as blocked voice mails whys is that how can i fix it so i dont get anything

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