How to manage your email better with VIP lists and VIP notifications in iOS

Are you receiving a lot of emails daily? If so, managing emails can be challenging and time consuming.  However, with the help of the VIP feature in iOS (and iOS X), you can quickly access mail from important people like your boss, spouse etc.

How to add VIP

Launch mail app > VIP > and tap “Add VIP…” and add someone from your contacts (IMG 1). You can also add VIP by tapping someone’s email address (IMG 2).

vip list add iOS


iOS vip add email


How to set a unique alert tone for new VIP emails

Open Settings > Notifications > Mail and select VIP. Then you can select a sound effect unique to VIP lists.

iOS VIP settings

Next time when you get an email on the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch from someone who is in your VIP lists, you will hear the unique notification alert, so that you know this email is important.


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