How to use (Multitouch) Multitasking Gestures for iPad

Multitouch or Multitasking gestures are one of the coolest features of iOS for the iPad. With these gestures, you can easily and quickly switch between apps, return back to the main screen (home screen), close apps, and much more.

How to enable Multitasking Gestures

First make sure that you have enabled Multitasking Gestures. To turn this on, simply tap Settings > General > Multitasking Gestures and toggle this ON.

how to turn on multitasking gestures iPad

Now you can use either four or five fingers to perform various multitouch tasks as follows:

Close Apps and Pinch to the Home Screen

You can use four or five fingers in a pinching gesture to get back to the home screen, instead of pressing the home button. It is quick and simple.

pinch to the home screen iPad

Open Multitasking bar

You want to open your multitasking bar to force close an app or switch between apps? You may do so by clicking the home button twice. You can also do this with multitasking gestures by using four or five finger to swipe up.

swipe up to reveal multitasking bar

Switch apps by swiping left or right  

This is one of the most useful of the multitasking gestures. You can switch between apps by using four or five fingers and swiping left or right.

swipe left or right between apps



  1. Carlo says

    I got an iPad for my birthday so naturally a newbie as far as the features of the tablet. The tips as described above will surely be used. Thank you for putting these out.

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