Fix: iOS 6.1 Wi-Fi Connection Problem for iPhone and iPad

If you have decided to update to the latest iOS 6.1 update, the following information might help you connect to the Internet. If you have a net gear router, it might be the culprit for your iDevices being unable to connect to eh Wi-Fi. WGT64 model from Net gear has been having issues on this end. However, the following steps may help you get back online through Wi-Fi on your iDevices.

Do let me know in the comments if this solution works for you.

Step 1 – Login to your router and check the version of firmware your WGT64 wifi router is running on.

Step 2 – If it is a version other than 2.0.21, you need to download the 2.0.21 version from the net gear website here. Download the firmware to your computer from the website and unzip it somewhere memorable.

Step 3 – Login back into your router again and downgrade/upgrade the firmware to the one you had just downloaded. Let the router do its thing and allow it to complete the process.

Once it is completed, the router will restart and you should not be able to access Wi-Fi on your apple gadget.

If you have a different model of router or your problem with Wi-Fi and iOS6 is not related to the above mentioned solution, the following tips might help you troubleshoot your way to the root cause.

  • If your router supports dynamic channels, enable it. WiFi channel congestions are one of the major issues that cause any device to connect to the router. If not, try to set your router to Channels like 1, 11 or 6.
  • See if the Wi-Fi issue is related to another device interfering. This could be any other gadget or even that innocent microwave sitting in the kitchen.
  • Try to set your router to run in the 20 MHz bands than the 40MHz ones because this single change can immensely increase the reliability of your Wi-Fi connection.

I do hope that the above-mentioned solutions work for you as a Wi-Fi model of an iPad becomes nothing but a paper weight if it cannot connect to the internet! Once again, if you have any other tips that will help other readers fix their Wi-Fi issues caused due to upgrade to iOS 6.1, sound away in the comments section below!


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