How to set up and use iPhone/iPad personal hotspot

You may use Internet-sharing (Internet tethering) feature on iPhone and iPad (3rd generation and later) Wi-Fi + Cellular. Hotspot feature lets an iPhone or iPad share its wireless internet connection with other devices via WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB.  If you use this feature, your iPad or iPhone will act like a wireless modem for other devices. Using a Personal Hotspot is relatively easy and this article explains how to share your cellular data connection using Personal Hotspot.

1. Tap Settings > Personal Hotspot

iOS hotspot settings

2. Turn on Personal Hotspot.

iPhone/iPad hotspot on

3. If you want to change the Wi-Fi password, tap the password field and change it.

hotspot password change

4.You are ready to let others connect to it.Others can now connect using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth under the name “iPad” or iPhone”

Apple Hotspot personal

5. While other devices are connected to your Personal Hotspot, a blue status bar will show indicating the number of connected users.

6. If you want to stop sharing your data, you may simply turn off Personal Hotspot.


  • To be able to use this feature, you may need to contact your cell phone carrier (Verizon, At&t or Spring etc) for more information.
  • You cannot share a Wi-Fi connection.


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