Latest iPhone Rumors – Is the next iPhone an iPhone 5s or iPhone 6?

What makes iPhone so special? If you ask this question to 10 people you know, you will get 10 different answers, but it goes without saying that the majority of them will be positive. If someone is arguing with you that there are better competitions for iPhone in the market, they are most likely to suggest you an Android phone model. Windows phones and the new Blackberry are yet to be considered as a serious competition for iPhone, thanks to their snail-like movement on the sales charts.

As far as the Android vs. iPhone comparison goes, all I would like to say is that such comparisons don’t make any sense to me. Exclusivity is the single most advantage of an iPhone. iPhone is a simple square, but it’s a perfect square. The moment you look at an iPhone, you can’t help but notice its perfect dimensions and the right usage of metals and plastic. iPhone at best, is a technological wonder and a masterpiece artwork at worst. You can’t say the same about any Samsung phones, which is regarded as the major competition for iPhone.

Even the Sony Experias and the latest Blackberry only comes closer to an iPhone in terms of looks and build quality, but they still have a long way to go. Moreover, any iPhone rival that is at least closely good looking as iPhone is priced heavily. The long standing complaint that iPhones are overpriced doesn’t make any sense when a competition model cost you almost the same but with a much lesser build quality.

Is it an iPhone 5s or an iPhone 6? Or is it an iPhoneB?

Rumors about the new iPhone are more significant than the previous ones, especially prior to the launch of iPhone 5. Before discussing it, let’s see where iPhone is absolutely unique.

  • Build Quality – There are seldom any phones that match iPhone in build quality. If an Android or Windows based phone manages to meet iPhone’s sturdy yet appealing build quality, they are priced closely to an iPhone. This means the competition loses their USP of being cheaper alternatives to iPhone.
  • Unique – Anyone can memorize the number of iPhone models ever released from the first model. The same can’t be told about Samsung, the main rival of Apple which launches at least 3 smart phone models a year. I don’t think even Samsung’s CEO can memorize their models in one go, since there are simply too many of them.
  • iOS and Hardware – The unique hardware and iOS can’t be found in any other phone model, making iPhone one of its kind.
  • Pricey – Superior build quality and best in class features like Camera doesn’t come for free. Apple pays a premium to its hardware partners to ensure that each component that makes its way to an iPhone is the best you can think of.

These four important points are vital in foreseeing what you can expect from the next Apple product. It is an unquestionable fact that Apple is good with suspense. They can pull off a great show by keeping Apple fans on the verge. Out of all the iPhone releases, only iPhone 5 couldn’t pull it off that well. This is why there are three different arguments – instead of the typical two – about the new iPhone. Some argue that the new iPhone would be an iPhone 5s, which is most likely a minor upgrade of the iPhone 5, while others argue that in order to compete effectively with the Windows 8 and Android phones such as the S4, iPhone needs a major overhaul and the new phone will be an iPhone 6. The third argument is even more interesting! The supporters of Apple believe that it’s high time for Apple to start attracting the money conscious customers too so the new iPhone will be a budget friendly model, with a slightly lower build quality. Since there are no proposed names for this budget iPhone, let’s call it iPhone B.

What We Think About The New Phone?

We believe that Apple will walk a different road in this June. Since at least half of Apple’s revenues come from the iPhone, they are very keen on increasing their market share with every possible measure. This suggests that Apple is most likely to launch two iPhones instead of one! One will be an iPhone 6 and the second model will be a budget iPhone with plastic casing.

Now, the only question is how close is Apple to the new launch. In our opinion, Apple is most likely to go for the major overhaul way, as they don’t launch several smart phones in a year like its competition. If an iPHone 5s is the first to come, they will have a tough time pulling in more customers because reviewers are not quite impressed with the iPhone 5. However, Apple may still consider this route if they need more time to work on the iPhone 6. If iPhone 5s is the first one to hit the market in June, expect iPhone 6 in October itself. However, a budget iPHone is most likely to make its way in June.

The next iPhone – Technical Specifications

  • New Operating System – Apple is most likely to replace its operating system with an updated version with the iPhone 5s.
  • Casing – This completely depends on the model Apple is launching. We are more inclined to believe that Apple is most likely to launch an iPhone 6 over an iPhone 5s. If this is the case, expect a different shell. However, if it’s just an upgraded iPhone 5, the shell design will mostly remain the same.
  • Curved Glass – I can see some speculators arguing that the new iPhone will boast a curved glass, seeing that Apple had already applied for a patent. However, I beg to differ! The curved glass technology is not highly advanced so I don’t think Apple will launch something untested in a hush-hush. They may launch this in the next 2 or 3 years, but not anytime soon.
  • Screen Size – I believe that it’s a huge possibility that Apple will reconsider its screen size. However, Apple may also consider the option of launching iPhone in two sizes. I believe the latter is a bigger possibility because it will be more surprising for news sites and anxiously waiting customers. None of the smart phone models in the market has ever come up with two display sizes. If Apple launches their iPHone in a close to 4 inches or up to 4.2 inches display size and a second version that is close to or above 5 inches, they are not going to lose ‘fablet customers’ either! Moreover, this is a brilliant idea that no company has tried yet. Apple being an experimenter, this is a very good possibility.
  • Processor – It goes without saying that an improvement in the processor will be made in order to adhere with the new performance standards.
  • Display – Dispaly is one place where iPHone beats most of its competition and they are keen on keeping it that way. A full HD resolution retina + display, which are clearer than the current retina display, can be expected.
  • Fingerprint Reader – A fingerprint reader is in Apple’s mind for quite some time. Hopefully the next iPhone is going to boast one!
  • Wireless Charging – Apple already filed a patent for wireless charging technology, but we don’t know how much they have advanced. There is a very good possibility of seeing a wireless charging unit in the new iPhone 6.
  • Camera – The number talking about mega pixel doesn’t make any sense. There are many factors to a digital camera system that are equally, if not more, important in capturing a great image. Speed of your sensor, lens, imaging software and the overall quality of hardware are very important features that judge the quality of a digital imaging sytem. Apple is definitely going to bring out a very reliable camera with their new launch.

So what is it Apple got to surprise us this year? Is it an iPhone 5s or an iPhone 6? I am more inclined to believe the new iPHone is going to be an iPhone 6 becuase Apple have to do a major overhaul on their existing phone to bring in more business. However, Apple has one more interesting way to surprise their customers: launching two different iPhones or, even better, launching the same phone with two different screen sizes. Although this will sound like an odd business decision, launching a phone with two screen sizes can satisfy customers that fall into two different leagues altogether. This is a business model that nobody has tried before and Apple being a company that likes to give surprises, we can expect something like this in 2013.

I believe that 2013 is going to see a very surprising Apple launch because one thing is sure: Apple makes sizeable revenue from selling phones and oftentimes they manage the initial boost through surprises. iPhone 5 had a cold reception because there was nothing spectacular for the typical iPHone one. Apple, after 5 years in the smart phone business, launched something that was just another smart phone. Till 2012, there were two types of phones: smart phones and iPhones. More than anyone else, Apple will want to regain this position and the only way for them to achieve this goal is by launching something spectacular this year!


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