How to back up your iCloud contacts

This article will provide you steps on how to back up your contacts with iCloud. You may find this article especially useful because several iPhone users are reporting that they have lost all or some of their contacts. So a back up is always a good idea. Here is how:

Note: This article assumes that you have enabled iCloud Backup for your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch)

  • Go to
  • Sign in using your Apple ID and password
  • Click “Contacts”

iCloud contacts

  • Click “Action Menu”

iCloud Settings

  • Select Export vCard and this will create a combo vCard that you can save on your computer as back up. Safari on OS X will download this to your Downloads folder (~/Downloads). And other browsers may ask you where you want to save this combo vCard.

iCloud contacts export



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    Dear Toolbox community,

    a more serious issue is the fact that iCloud doen NOT seem to sync CONTACT DATA from iPhone, iPad, etc..!!
    Does anybody have information on this issue?
    This is rather “serious”..!!

    Thanks and kind regards,


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