Cannot download: There is not enough available storage to download these items

You are probably downloading a lot of apps, musics, movies or other content items. Or you love to take pictures or videos of your loved ones. As you -probably- know, iOS devices (iPad, iPod or iPhone) have a limited amount of storage. Thus you may see a “Cannot Download – There is not enough available storage You can manage your storage in settings.” message. So what can you do when your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch runs out of disk space?

Cannot download error message

  • Tap Settings > General > Usage this will show you how much space is available and the amount of storage specific apps are using. And take note of Apps that you don’t use. When you find an app that is large and that you do not want or need, tap on it and then then select “Delete App”, then confirm the deletion. Please note that you can re-download your previously purchased Apps without having to pay for them again. This means that when you delete an app, you can easily re download it, it is not gone forever: How to find / re-download your deleted App Store purchases

Apps usage storage

delete an app

  • If deleting apps is not enough, try removing your photos and videos. The best thing you can do is regularly transferring your  photos and videos from the iOS device to your computer: How to transfer photos and videos from iPad / iPhone / iPod to your Mac or PC
  • If your iTunes media files (music and movies) are taking up too much space, you may want to consider setting up Home Sharing 
  • If you are still having storage issues, you may be able to free up additional space. Your iOS device may have a large amount of “Other” disk usage for the device. How to remove “Other” data on iPhone / iPad / iPod
  • If you do not want to remove anything, you may try this tip. It usually takes more space to install an app than, because they have additional installation files that they use. Try unsyncing your music library or photo which should give you additional space that you need. Then, try to install the app, Once you have installed the app,  resync your music or photo.

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