Mac: How to create a digital signature and sign PDF files in OS X

Preview makes it easy to open images and Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. You can also use Preview to take a picture of signature and add it to PDF documents that requires your signature by using your Macs built-in iSight camera to capture your hand written signature. Here is how:

How to create a signature

  • Choose Preview > Preferences
  • Click on “Signatures” and then “Create Signature”

creature signature

  • Then sign your signature on a piece of paper and hold the paper up to your Mac’s camera.

add your signature

  • When your signature looks correct, click Accept.

accepted signature

How to sign a PDF

  • Launch the PDF file you want to sign
  • Click on the Annotations button (pencil icon) then the Signatures button then choose your signature (you may create multiple signatures so you may have multiple signatures listed here).

Add your signature

  • Now click within the document where you want the signature to appear in the PDF. Thats it.  Your PDF doc is signed.


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