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Almost a year has gone by since Apple released the iPhone 5. Therefore, the rumor mill is speculating about the company’s next product. This year, reports from technical sites, such as ExtremeTech and 9TO5MAC, about Apple’s new iPhone run the gamut as some of their accounts are sensible while others are completely implausible.

The Title

Apple iPhone deliberators are guessing that the title of the new phone will be the iPhone 5S /5C or iPhone 6. However, speculators across the board agree that the new phone is likely to feature the same exterior design as the iPhone 5.

Plastic Phone

An account from the Wall Street Journal is claiming that Apple is releasing a smartphone with a plastic rear casing called the iPhone 5C as a more affordable option. The “C” supposedly stands for “colors.” In addition, the rumor states that the new phone option will be available in various colors, and it will feature a combined technology of the iPhone 3GS and the iPod touch. The cheaper phone is purportedly thicker than the iPod and wider than Apple’s iPhone 5. Further rumors claim that the plastic phone will have a 4-inch display. If Apple does release a colorful plastic iPhone, then the company will likely introduce it later this year.

Increased Screen Size

Apple fans keep hoping that the company will increase the device’s screen size. In fact, after Samsung introduced its behemoth, the fervency about the enhancement grew among Apple enthusiasts. Bloomberg even came across a report claiming that Apple was increasing the iPhone’s screen size. However, the company just extended the display screen on the iPhone 5, so another expansion is unlikely. Also, if Apple did make a larger screen, then it would be problematic for app developers.

Fingerprint Reading Technology and Near-Field Communications

According to ExtremeTech, Apple may include near-field communications, or NFC, and a fingerprint reader with its next iPhone. Last year, the company obtained a fingerprint scanning company. If Apple adds the fingerprint-reading component to its new phones, then the device will scan the user’s fingerprint when he or she presses the on button. The advancement may also be used to increase the security of mobile banking. With fingerprint security, Apple can negotiate with credit card companies to process mobile purchases and payments. The fingerprint reader will make it easier for users to download apps. It may also streamline smartphone use for people as the reader will eliminate the need to enter a PIN at various times. NFC is becoming a more common technology. Therefore, it’s likely that a future iPhone will gain both a fingerprint reader and NFC. In fact, they may wind up on the upcoming one because several Chinese websites have alluded to the technology’s arrival with the next iPhone.

If Apple does add the fingerprint software to its new phone, then it will have surpassed the security features that other smartphones currently have. Since the new phone will scan the user’s fingerprint to determine who is using the phone, the technology is expected to reduce theft. Furthermore, the company has reported that it is including security advancements by requiring a person to confirm their Apple identification code and password before a phone could be wiped.

Improved Specifications

Without updated specifications, there really wouldn’t be a reason to introduce a new iPhone. Therefore, iPhone fans are likely to gain a better performing camera and increased operational speed. According to ExtremeTech, the improved specs include an update to 2 GB of RAM as well as a 12-megapixel camera. The rumors also report that the camera will have a low-light performance feature. There is some debate about whether the company will complete a basic upgrade and increase the clock speed on the iPhone’s current dual core chip or if it will add a quad core processor. For now, fans will just have to wait and see.

Display Technology

One area that Apple may upgrade is the display technology. Furthermore, a report from 9TO5MAC has speculated that the company will be using Sharp’s IGZO technology. If Apple does upgrade to IGZO, then the phone’s battery will last a lot longer because even with the phone turned off, it will continue to display an image. In addition, the IGZO screen display will likely be thinner and brighter.

Release Date

Apple fans are mostly debating about the next iPhone’s release date. The company has not provided an official release date, but it usually introduces its new iPhones in September or October.


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    Apple would most likely no include NFC in their next product. With the new release of iOS 7 and airdrop. They made a joke saying now you don’t have to go around the room and bump your phones together. But that’s just my option

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