Restore lost or deleted contacts from you iPhone

Perhaps you’ve been unfortunate enough to have felt the horror as you quickly realize that the unthinkable has happend: you’ve lost all your iPhone’s contacts. Many of us have been there, and if you haven’t, consider yourself lucky. Whether it was as a result of poor backup practices, a thoughtless factory reset, or simply an accidental mass-delete, there’s no judgement passed here at Apple Toolbox, only advice and solutions.

The easy and most obvious way to get your contacts back on your iPhone would be to sync to iTunes and restore from a previously made backup. It’s very easy to do this, simply plug your phone in via USB, then on your iPhone’s main screen, click ‘Restore Backup’. You can then select which backup you’d like to restore from.

iTunes backup

If restoring from a backup isn’t an option, things are a little more complex and you may need to purchase a third-party iPhone data recovery app. The good news with this method, is that although it may cost you money to use this software, many of them offer more than just contacts recovery. Tenorshare’s iPhone Data Recovery tool for instance, (link: allows you to access lost photos, SMS, recordings, and many other formats of data. You can retrieve this data directly from your phone without iTunes whatsoever, or even without a working iPhone screen. Apps like this can be extremely useful tools for when you need them most.

In saying this, the software mentioned above is only an example of many other options available online. I’d advise you to compare these options yourself, to find which one suits your needs. You can also achieve your backups and restore your device from the archived backups. Likewise, there are ways to extract your iPhone / iPod Backups. I hope you found this article helpful, and even perhaps a little stress relieving in the realisation that not all is not lost. Let me know in the comments if you have an further suggestions.

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