iOS 7: How to delete saved usernames & passwords on iPad / iPhone

This article explains how to clear Safari’s saved usernames, passwords and form data on iOS 7. Note that clearing Safari’s history and cookies will not delete your saved usernames and passwords. Here is how:


1. Tap Settings > Safari > Passwords & AutoFill

Safari Autofill and Passwords

2. Tap Saved Passwords

safari autofill

3. Now you can site your saved usernames & passwords. Tap Edit

delete safari private data

4. Select the ones that you would like to erase then tap delete

delete safari

6. You will be asked to enter you passcode (if it is enabled), enter your passcode to delete.

safari passcode

For various reasons, you may not want to save your username and passwords. For instance, if you disable your device’s passcode, you should not save these because your saved data, passwords can be viewed by anyone you has access to your device. If you want that you no longer want to have usernames and passwords saved on your iOS device (your iPad, iPhone or iPod), you can turn this feature off. Simply tap Settings > Safari > Passwords & AutoFill and turn the “Names and Passwords” option OFF.

turn off safari passwords and saved username option



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