How to restrict iMessage on iPad, iPod and iPhone

You can easily restrict iMessage on an iPod touch, iPad or iPhone; even though there is no direct way to do so using restrictions, also known as parental controls. Here is how:

Steps: How to use parental controls to restrict iMessage

1. Disable iMessage by going to Settings > Messages and toggle the iMessage slider to OFF to disable it. Skip this step if  iMessage is already disabled.

restrict iMessage on iPad

2. Now you need to lock ability to change account settings in restrictions (also known as parental controls) so that only you can enable iMessage. Tap  Settings > General > Restrictions. If you’ve already enabled restrictions before, you’ll be prompted for your passcode, and enter your passcode.  If not, tap Enable Restrictions and enter a passcode. Choose a passcode that you will remember. Don’t forget your passcode as the passcode will be required to disable Restrictions.

Parental control iPad

3. Tap Allow Changes: and select Accounts then tap Don’t Allow Changes. Now access to iMessages is restricted.

iOS restrictions account changes


a. Note that the Messages app will still be present on the Home screen but when you try to open it, you will see a message saying ” This iPad is restricted from creating iMessage accounts”

iMessage restricted

b. Note that you can restrict iMessage on an iPhone, but the method described above will not restrict the Messages app. This means is that Messages using SMS and MMS will still work.


  1. hersh says

    Hi, Thank you for your article. I am trying to limit imessaging for my child’s ipod. It is not highlighted but she has it and uses it. When I go to restrictions, the box underneath says “disable restrictions” and I don’t see anywhere where it would say “allow changes”. Could you please help me? Thank you again!

  2. Anika says

    My mom won’t let me message or FaceTime. She took everything away from me. She blocked it on all our family’s devices. What should I do?? She won’t even let me get a phone, iPod touch, or anything. And my age is 11 and one half. What should I do? I can’t even talk to my friends over vacations and breaks. I can’t even text my mom and say that I feel sick. I can’t even tell her anything until she comes home. It’s not because of the price, it’s just that she doesn’t want me to get a new one.

    • Duncan says

      My sister is facing a legal investigation and on probation from ONE person messaging her who was an adult. She’s only 16 years old. You do NOT need messaging right now. If you’re sick, you can call. I’m 21 now, and when I was in middle school, every classroom and the office had phones I could use to call home. It isn’t worth getting in serious danger and trouble over.

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