Volvo and Ferrari: Their plans to bring CarPlay to older vehicles

9to5 Mac reports that Mercedes-Benz is planning to deliver an “after market solution” for vehicles that have already been sold. We reached out to Volvo and Ferrari about aftermarket solutions. Here is what they have said:


The new system CarPlay is available only on new range cars and cannot be installed on older ones. However, since we know that infotainment solutions are really important for our customers and also owners of older vehicles deserve the same care as all other customers, we developed an AfterMarket product aimed at offering last generation infotainment, completely compatible with most recent phones. This new product is already available for F430, 355 and 360 Modena, while in the next few months it will be offered also for 599, 612 Scaglietti and first versions of California.


We have not announced any plans for an aftermarket solution for Apple CarPlay. While I cannot reveal any potential future products, I can say that there are major roadblocks for this, both from a technical as well as from a usability point-of-view.

It does look like that both Ferrari and Volvo do not have any plans (at least currently) about CarPlay being able to be retrofitted into earlier model vehicles.

Watch this video, Volvo’s CarPlay integration definitely looks incredible. The first Volvo to offer CarPlay will be the Volvo XC90 which will be introduced later this year. And the first Ferrari to offer CarPlay will be the Ferrari FF model. The CarPlay integration will be supported by a number of big automakers later this year, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Chevy, Nissan Volvo, BMW and more.


  1. M.S. Phalatse says

    I am in the middle of restoring a classic car and was excited to learn that car play will be available for aftermarket solutions. Can you send me the actual dimensions of the unit so that my restorers can make a provision for fitting carplay once the unit is available.

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