Aerial photos of Apple Campus 2 (update # 3)

We took our third series of Apple Campus 2 aerial photos (first and second one). The photos show that construction has been progressing quickly. Our previous photos we took last month showed that all of the buildings had been demolished. Now our most recent photos show (we took them yesterday) Apple’s spaceship campus is beginning to take its “spaceship like” circular shape. As in the previous photos we took, the field is quite busy. There is a lot of work being done by construction workers and heavy construction machines.

Apple is planning to open Apple Campus 2 in mid-2016. Apple’s Campus 2 is close to the company’s current headquarters location at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California. It will house around 12,000 Apple employees in this, single, spaceship like building.



  1. Calvin von Weissenfluh says

    If, somehow, you could manage to get a photo every day with the camera LOCATED AT THE EXACT SAME SPOT you could then put together a time lapse sequence of construction from where it is now to completion.

    Can your chopper (or drone) pilot make this happen?

  2. Jambes Marks says

    I can’t wait for the building to be done so I can panhandle outside the entrance. That Alpo and Popov won’t get bought by themselves!

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